Tarot Reading for Marriage

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Love is a many splendored thing! Love, romance, soulmates, and marriage are the topmost requested reading psychics receive. Love makes life worth living and it’s no surprise that people spend a lifetime trying to find it. One of the most important things you can do in life is to find your beloved other half and honor your everlasting union with a beautiful marriage. Here at Keen, we understand it is a major life decision that requires a lot of thought, planning, and guidance. We’re proud to host some of the world’s most trusted and accurate psychic advisors that specialize in love and marriage readings. The more you know and are prepared, the better.

Sometimes you need more than a wedding planner, you need some honest and objective advice from a spiritual psychic reader. Tarot and psychic readings are incredible tools to learn more about the past, present, and future of your union. Additional clarity goes a long way when your mind and heart are clouded by love and wedding planning. We’ve compiled a list of the top tarot cards that indicate marriage, the most insightful love tarot card spreads, and the specific types of readings you should seek out if you have questions regarding your potential upcoming nuptials.

If you have questions about your marriage, talk to a trusted Keen advisor today.

Best Tarot Cards for Marriage

1. The Lovers

Looks like someone has found their soulmate! This card represents two people that have self-love and can therefore offer true love to one another. Truly a match made in the heavens! The Lovers card indicates success in love all around. Your relationship is divinely supported, and you have many sunny years ahead together in love and perfect union

2. Two of Cups

You have found your other half. The Two of Cups symbolize a perfectly balanced partnership. You two have a lot in common and can create amazing things when you collaborate. This is the ultimate card of cooperation. You were destined to meet and make magic together. There will be very few clouds in this couple’s bright sky.

3. Three of Cups

Celebrate good times, come on! This card is a strong indicator of an upcoming wedding. It represents friends and family coming together in celebration of a historic event. The Three of Cups are a very clear message with smiles, dancing, and cups held high in a ceremonious toast.

4. Ace of Cups

Congratulations! Your cups overflow with a deep love for each other. Ace cards are very lucky to get. There are only four of them in the entire 78-card tarot deck. This rare card signifies success, abundance, and a divine blessing from the heavens above.

5. Four of Wands

Do we hear wedding bells? The Four of Wands depict a happy couple walking through four beautifully decorated wands in celebration. This is one of the luckiest cards to pull in a love and wedding reading because it represents love, happiness, and new beginnings.

6. The Hierophant

If you’ve been stressing over the details of wedding planning, don’t fret, help is on the way! The Hierophant signifies the perfect professionals are coming in to assist you. The ideal clergy person, officiant, ordained minister, and wedding planning company are showing up with their blessings to make your special day as smooth as possible.

7. Ten of Cups

This is the ultimate happily ever after card! The image depicts a happy couple surrounded by a house, dancing children, vast property, and a rainbow of abundance above their heads. Whatever your personal vision of satisfaction and fulfillment looks like, you’re going to get it. Congrats!

8. Wheel of Fortune

The winds of change are blowing in the direction of immense, positive change for you. When the Wheel of Fortune appears in your reading, it indicates a major life event is about to occur. You’re about to experience expansion and growth.

9. The Sun

The Sun is an all-around positive card. It oozes success, creativity, carefree fun, childlike wonder, vitality, happiness, affection, and fertility. It’s one of the best major arcana cards you can receive in any reading! This is a lucky sign if you see this in a marriage or love reading.

10. Ten of Pentacles

This card depicts a family happily congregating in an abundant garden. Not only is your love life going to end in success, but your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will live on in your light. You will pass on a loving legacy that will last generations.

11. Nine of Pentacles

This card represents a person who is at peace with their life choices. The imagery depicts a woman in a beautiful garden surrounded by lush vegetation, money, and exotic birds. If you see this card in your love or marriage reading, it indicates you will be satisfied with your choice.

Best Tarot Spreads for Marriage Prediction

New Partner Compatibility Spread  

When you first start dating someone new, there can be a rush of confusion, emotions, and excitement. Everything is fresh and exciting. Make sure you’re not painting any red flags green by getting some objective advice with a new partner compatibility spread.

1. Your Intentions in the Relationship

2. Their Intentions in the Relationship

3. Similarities Between You

4. Differences Between You

5. Physical Compatibility

6. Mental Compatibility

7. Emotional Compatibility

8. Spiritual Compatibility

Are They “The One” Tarot Spread

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and thinking of taking things to the next level, this spread may be helpful. It will give you an overall outlook on yourself, and your partner, and what potential situations you can look forward to if you choose to add another chapter to your love story.

1. Are they “the one” for me?

2.     Is commitment/marriage a possibility with them?

3.     Blocks and Obstacles in the relationship.

4.     Supportive Energy in the relationship.

5.     Advice for Me

6.     Advice for my Partner

7.     What will the Outcome be?

The Future of Your Relationship Spread

It’s imperative you have a clear idea of the direction you want to take your relationship. That’s where tarot readings can help. This spread will take you out of your head and provide you with honest insight regarding the future of your current relationship.

1. What is the energy surrounding our current relationship?

2. What are we overlooking in our relationship?

3. What do we need to work on together?

4.     Specific advice for me

5.     Specific advice for my partner

6.     What does the future hold for our relationship?

Is This True Love?

Love is complicated and sometimes you need some guidance. If you’re in a romantic situation with someone, but you’re not sure where you stand with them, this reading will bring you some clarity. Find out if this person is your Mr. or Mrs. Right or your Mr. or Mrs. Maybe.

1. Your True Feelings About the Relationship

2. Their True Feelings About the Relationship

3. What is the True Meaning of Your Connection

4. What are the Strengths of this Relationship

5. What are the Weaknesses in this Relationship?

6. Outcome of this Relationship

What is a Good Tarot Reading for a Wedding?

Rose petals being thrown over a couple just married at a wedding ceremony.

Keen’s psychic advisors provide a variety of different readings that can assist you on your love journey. Some of these readings include but are not limited to love, romance, intimacy, twin flames, soulmates, major life decisions, future outlook, and self-love. Whether you are unsure about the next step in your current relationship or you’re ready to take your vows, a psychic tarot reading may be just the thing you need to give you some insight.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Congratulations! Our love and relationship readings will provide answers to any questions you may have about your big day and the circumstances surrounding it. Don’t be afraid to ask our trusted psychics any questions that are weighing on your heart. Love should feel light, not heavy and we’re here to help alleviate that burden. Figure out exactly what you want to focus on in your session, then choose the reading that best fits your inquiry. We’re here to put your mind at ease so that you can get the most out of your reading. There are many different types of advisors and readings that specifically relate to weddings, unions, love, and soulmate connections that you will find helpful.

Need clarity on your marriage? Talk to a psychic advisor at Keen today

Main Takeaway

Marriage is a huge step in your life. It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly. It’s understandable that you would want additional guidance and comfort during this unforgettable occasion. The more you know, the better prepared you can be for what life and love throw at you. An honest, objective, and insightful tarot reading from a psychic advisor is the perfect wedding gift for you and your partner. We’re here to gift you that added peace of mind as you walk down the aisle. Thank you for sharing your special day with Keen!

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