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The world of Tarot is fascinating, captivating, and entirely enchanting. Can the 78-card deck actually give you accurate answers? Can it truly show the future? Or is it merely a trick for sleepovers, Halloween parties, bachelorette parties, or psychic stores on the corner of every street in your favorite city? The Tarot is a complex, truly insightful tool to fully investigate all that you seek to know. Join us as we find out what Tarot is and how to find a Tarot reader near you. We at have the most accurate, talented, and powerful Tarot card readers in the world so connect with an Advisor today!


What are Tarot cards?

Tarot cards have been around for hundreds of years. Originally an offshoot of European playing cards in the 15th-century, they have evolved significantly over time. With their initial roots from Italy, many cultures took them into their arsenal and evolved their own forms—most notably the French, Germans, Austrians, and more. While many people used them for games and parties, over time, Tarot card readers were developed because people began to realize there was something more mystical about them than just betting, playing, and gambling.

To this day, there are two sets of people who use the Tarot: those who use them as simple playing cards and then those who utilize them as a form of divination.

When it comes to divination, Tarot card readers believe that the cards provide insight into the questions, energies, and answers that a querent—or person asking a question—has. While some people believe that the person must physically shuffle the deck to put their energy into them, this has been proven wrong. A Tarot card reader can simply focus on a person, focus on a question, or focus on a theme in order to tap into the collective unconscious and pull cards that will effectively mirror the answer. This is all tied to the occult idea of “as above, so below,” as well as the macrocosm existing within the microcosm. Simply by turning one’s attention to an idea, theme, question, or person, it effectively becomes real and the Tarot cards act as a tool to reveal that.

Most Tarot decks include 78 cards. They are split into 22 cards that are the Major Arcana, detailing the archetypes of major life cycles. The Minor Arcana—or the rest of the cards— are split into four suits: Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles. Because of this, the Tarot essentially embodies all aspects of human life.

With an endless choice of the kind of decks to use, practitioners tend to find a deck that “calls to them.” This is because it can carry certain archetypes, imagery, symbology, and meaning that will aid them in finding the answers that they seek.


What questions can you ask Tarot cards?

Tarot cards are multi-faceted, so you can ask nearly any question! They are particularly helpful when seeking to gain insight into the past, present, or future. They are also used to ask about what will happen when presented with different choices. Some Tarot card readers can discuss time with them. Others ask “yes or no” questions to a Tarot deck. Other ideas to ask Tarot cards are:

  • Love Tarot Reading
  • Money Tarot Reading
  • Career Tarot Reading
  • Soulmate Tarot Reading
  • Health Tarot Reading
  • Friendship Tarot Reading
  • Family Tarot Reading
  • Twin Flame Tarot Reading
  • Work Tarot Reading
  • Relationship Tarot Reading
  • Ex Tarot Reading


How to find a Tarot Reader near me?

Here we are! The best part about working with is that we are accessible worldwide. We offer the most talented, acclaimed, and professional Tarot readers in the world. We offer Tarot card readings near you. All you need is an internet or phone connection.


While you can certainly find a Tarot card reader to connect with in person, our online and phone readings are just as accurate if not more accurate!


What are the best Tarot readers near me?

Many of our Tarot card readers at have decades of experience, globally renowned recognition, and extensive client lists worldwide. But the best part about them is that they are here for you at any time.


What are the best psychics near me? offers unparalleled psychic and Tarot services that you cannot find anywhere else on the Internet. If you haven’t booked your first reading, you are missing out. Our psychics and Tarot readers will leave you shocked, astonished, and empowered!


Are online psychic readings accurate?

Yes! Online psychic readings are just as accurate as those done in-person. This is because psychic energy connects to the collective unconscious. Any gifted psychic can tap into this energy anywhere at any time.


Are online Tarot readings accurate?

Yes! Tarot readers use Tarot cards to tap into your energy and questions. By pulling cards, they are able to relay the information to you over text, chat, video, email, or the Internet.


Where can I get a free Tarot card reading? offers a wide expanse of incredible free readings and horoscopes. Book your reading today for 5 minutes for $1!

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