Dive into the Cartomancy Meaning of 6 of Spades

6 of spades card meaning

What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is a divination system much like tarot cards and Lenormand that uses a poker deck to decipher one’s future. Cartomancy is also used in astrology as each card means something on the astrological chart. Known as a popular game played in the royal courts, cartomancy goes back to the 1300s. It was not until the 18th and 19th centuries during the Spiritualism boom that made a massive comeback. Unlike tarot, cartomancy readings are straightforward. The poker deck used in cartomancy is not as intuitive and is not rooted in magic or the subconscious like the tarot is.

The questions you would ask the cards would be more direct and not as deep as you would ask in the tarot. Each suit pertains to something and each card has a separate meaning. Spades represent the future and challenges. Hearts represent feelings, the home, and relationships. Clubs are all about good fortune. Diamonds always deal with finances. The way each card is laid out will form a sentence with another card.

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Type of Cartomancy Readings

Single Card
This is a simple yes or no type of reading. Very short and direct answers are advised for this. Think of this also as a way to ask how your day will go.

Triple Card Spread

This is a past / present / future spread, although it deals with more in depth divination you will most likely just get hints and facts, nothing more. You might get one small detail or piece of advice from this.

Celtic Cross Spread

This spread will give a very detailed view of the past and will provide you with more descriptive markers to look out for. The cards go in the same order as they would in a tarot Celtic cross spread. In a reading like this, you will most likely get physical descriptions and timing so make sure to take lots of notes!

Of course, there is always a chance that your reader will pick up on more. In that case, these cards can be a gateway to something deeper and more in-depth that needs translation from an advisor.

Suit of Spades

This suit is mysterious and intense. It holds many secrets and although those secrets come off as negative, they are merely pieces of advice you should take if you want. Spades can speak of truth, betrayal, and legal matters. This suit also covers grief, loss, loneliness, and obsessions. This suit may have the seriousness of a strict parent but it also is the suit that is not afraid to show you what it is you need in order to get your life together. For my astrological buffs, think of this suit as having big Saturnian energy. 

Number 6 in Cartomancy

This is a number of growth. Changes will come fast and hard for you when you pull a 6. You may be shocked at who or what will be changing around you. Sixes also bring a change in luck. When 5 is the number that keeps you stuck in a situation, six is the one that gets things moving. Ultimately this move is in your favor whether you like it or not. More will always be revealed!! 

What does the 6 of Spades mean?

This card will always reveal that things are improving. This can be a solution oriented card. This card will tell you that you are on your way with a purpose. That’s king of a big deal! This card represents movement and will involve moves of a literal or metaphorical type. You may end up leaving a person or situation that no longer serves you for something better. Additionally, you are probably receiving a new car. This is a sign that you will soon be moving, so consider this a herald of positive changes to come.

6 of Spades Reversed

We have discussed in other articles how reverses do not really exist in some of these older systems. Many readers believe that a reversal is a shadow aspect of that card. Something you might be in denial of or are avoiding. Of course, there are always some readers who will look into this more closely and it always depends on what cards are surrounding it.

Wrapping up the 6 of Spades

Today we learned a little bit about Cartomancy. We talked about its history, usage, and overall system. We saw that unlike tarot, it is more of a literal oracle and not too deep at first glance. We learned that the 6 of Spades is a herald of good news. Movement will come your way when you draw this card. A new adventure or perhaps a literal new car awaits. Depending on the cards surrounding just know things are moving along for the best.

If you’re looking for clarity, you can speak to one of our experienced psychic advisors who practice Cartomancy.

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