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Keen Editorial Staff

Keen's Editorial Staff is made up of world-class writers, astrologers, psychics, and advisors with diverse experience and spiritual sensitivity.

Close-up of a cheap psychic’s hands hovering over a crystal ball.

Cheap Psychics

Psychic readings are a fascinating topic and very fun to get by a professional. Everyone is curious about getting a reading at least once in their lives. Some people are looking for guidance on important life decisions, such as career choices or relationships. Others may seek reassurance about their future or want to connect with …

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Close-up of a woman’s hands holding The Sun tarot card on a table near a burning candle and a crystal ball on World Tarot Day.

World Tarot Day

Why have people been fascinated by tarot cards for hundreds of years? People are interested in tarot cards for a variety of reasons. Some people are drawn to the mystery and mysticism surrounding tarot cards, while others see them as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Tarot readings can provide insight into a person’s …

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View of the planet Mercury in retrograde in space surrounded by light and stars.

How Mercury Retrograde 2023 Will Affect You?

Mercury retrograde is seen as problematic to many people because it is associated with miscommunication, technology malfunctions, and delays. During this period, it is believed that the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in its orbit, causing disruptions in our daily lives. People may experience challenges in their personal relationships, encounter difficulties in their …

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