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Named one of the top Advisors by Chicago Reader, Straight Forward Guidance and Mysticmag.! Where the Heavens meet the Earth!!! Experienced Astrologer for you! Your chart is the Blueprint to your Soul!
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Casting an Astrological Chart gives you the Blueprint of your Soul. The chart in conjunction with Planetary Transits gives one exact dates, times and potentials of which way your life is leading. An Astrological Chart reveals so much. Having studied and cast 1000's of charts makes me your "GO TO" Astrologer. Do you know your partners information? I can easily create a compatibility Chart to pinpoint blessings in the union as well as pitfalls. I clearly see the situation and give you specific guidance! I have had a lifelong love of Astrology and the accuracy of pinpointing dates, events, and transits in your life.
Approach to Topics
Empathetic Caring and Loving Astrologer here for you. We will find the solutions to your issues so you can take the next right step in your life. I have been with Keen for 17 years and have read for many established clients guiding them with astrological knowledge. A Natal Astrological Chart is the Blueprint of your Soul. Reading Astrology Charts has been my life's work and I bring depth and knowledge as we enter this sacred space together. Common questions from clients are about life, romance, career, finances, personal roadblocks, how to move through family and relationship challenges and communication. Working with Keen, I have built strong relationships with my clients and have been of continued service and help to answer questions and curiosities. Most recently I worked with a client who was having career challenges and looking at her chart, identified communication issues and blockages preventing her from manifesting her goals. The Tenth House of Career was afflicted at that moment preventing forward motion and we were able to resolve a timing issue and the ability to communicate clearly with her professional peers as well as with others and she was much happier in the result.
Using my special gifts, I peer into your soul and answer the burning questions you have. With kindness and love I can guide you down the necessary path to clarity and peace. Real Answers for Real People.
When will I get married?
Will I get a promotion and when?
Is it time to open my own business?
Why don't I seem to be heard in my relationship?
Will my finances increase?
Astrological readings are extremely sacred and confidential. It is a safe place for you!
I look forward to hearing from you!
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