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Aura Cleansing
Do you feel drained by unwelcome negative energy? An online aura cleansing can help clear that negativity out of your energy field, leaving you feeling a sensation of balance and healing in your soul, body, and mind.
Unwanted energies can come from interactions you have with other people in your life. Negative energy has the ability to affect your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being � all of which influence your own aura. An aura cleansing detoxifies your auric field, clearing the negative energy out and opening the pathways for positive energy and light to flow in. One way to visualize the aura cleansing ritual is that your own energy and physical body are being bathed with purifying, healing white light. When your aura is cleared, you may feel light (like a weight has been lifted), balanced, and more energetic. You also may experience a stronger sense of self-awareness.
Online Aura Readers on Keen Keen's psychic advisor directory includes online psychics who are experienced in reading auras. Using their psychic abilities, they can sense the vibrations of your aura energy field and identify the blockages in need of clearing. In your online aura reading, your psychic reader will help you cleanse your auric energy, so your spirit feels balanced, healed, and renewed.
When you first register on Keen.com, you can get a free psychic reading (3 free minutes) with the psychic advisor of your choosing, such as an aura reader. When your first three minutes have finished, You will be asked if you wish to continue the aura cleansing session before accruing any charge. Keen will never charge your card without your permission.
Keen's Here to Help Are you interested in learning more about human auras and energy fields? Check out the reading material in Keen's article directly. In addition to information about the different colors of the aura and their meanings, we cover topics such as chakras, spirituality, psychic insights, and many more. Keen has a variety of psychic advisors as well. Our index includes psychics with many abilities, including: spiritual readings, dream explanation, Vedic astrology readings, past life analysis, feng shui advice, and online tarot card readings. They are happy to guide you in your quest for knowledge and finding clarity and balance in your life.
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