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AstroDiya - Twin Flame Guide
AstroDiya - Twin Flame Guide
Truth, Clarity, Guidance - Twin Flames / Soulmates
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Empath and spiritual advisor specializing in empowerment, alignment, and union for twin flames/soulmates in existing connections. I read hearts - feelings, blocks, intentions - and use astrological synastry. No timeframes.
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Are You In A True Twin Flame Connection? Most Common Signs:
♥️ In the beginning, the most intense, passionate, familiar, effortless, euphoric connection you’ve ever experienced.
🖤 Obsessive thinking about them and a frequent roller coaster of emotions.
♥️ They’ve chosen a “karmic” (relationship, family, work situation, etc.) over you, triggering your deepest wounds of betrayal, abandonment, and rejection.
🖤 Unconditional love like you've never experienced. It’s been months or years and you can’t get over them and somehow keep being drawn back to them.
♥️ You're addicted to psychic readings and are spending $$ excessively only to get conflicting insight and timelines that keep getting pushed out or to be told they'll never change and you need to move on.
🖤 You enter into the dark night of the soul - the most painful, confusing, frustrating, lonely, existential crisis of your life. Nobody understands what you’re going through and you feel like you might actually be losing your mind.
♥️ Recurring signs, synchronicities, dreams, and 5D experiences tied to your twin. Your spiritual channels are opening.
🖤 They feel like home and you just "know". No one is meant to confirm this for you, but you. It's not what we want to hear but it's the truth. This journey is about learning to trust ourselves and what we know to be true in our hearts regardless of what any reader, or anyone for that matter, tells us. ♥️


It's impossible to truly understand the twin flame dynamic unless you've experienced it. I spent years in the most painful, gut-wrenching separation before reuniting with my beloved twin. I wish I knew then what I know now and it’s my honor to support you on this journey.

**Labels really don't matter. I use the term "twin flame" because it helps people who are experiencing this kind of connection feel understood. And it certainly helped me feel less lost as I was going through the journey. But whether you see them as your twin flame, twin soul, divine counterpart, soulmate, person, or something else, it's the specific connection being referring to here that is very distinct and unique from others.**

🖤 You and your twin are one soul, one consciousness, in two bodies. Until you truly align with your soul (higher self), which requires prioritizing yourself and your needs from a place of love and integrity, and detaching from the well-meaning egoic mind, rooted in separation consciousness, your twin will either keep "running" or will be inconsistent and you’ll continue to feel hurt, abandoned, and rejected.

🖤 Your twin flame is your greatest mirror and teacher. Your relationship with your twin flame is a direct reflection of your relationship with your (true/higher) self or soul. You share the same deeply buried core wounds and trigger them in each other so they can be healed. As you fear, they fear. As you heal, they heal. As you love, respect, and value yourself, they love, respect, and value themselves and you.

🖤 Meeting our twin flame is the catalyst for our spiritual awakening, self-love/healing journey, balancing the masculine/feminine (dualistic) energies within ourselves, and embodying our soul's highest potential. When we can view it through this lens and make this the priority, the journey becomes simpler and less painful. This is the most important work we'll ever do, and the only work we'll ever have to do to reach and maintain union is within ourselves.

🖤 This is the ultimate journey of releasing control, surrendering, and trusting that our heart's deepest desires are God's promises to us. Your desire for your twin is their desire for you. Your love for them is their love for you. This is unconditional love. Divine love. God’s love. And it’s God calling us Home to Him, to our true Self, to Love, to Source, through our twin flame. Prioritize your relationship with God, Source, your Higher Self, and be prepared for miracles.
Approach to Topics
Please make sure you're comfortable providing the information below for yourself and anyone you're inquiring about:
✔️First name
✔️Date of birth (month, day, year)
✔️Exact time and location of birth are helpful but not required (ex. 5:43 pm in Chicago, IL)

⭐ I use astrology and human design as a base for my readings to access the birth chart, or soul's blueprint, for you and anyone you inquire about. Our birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at our time of birth, revealing our purpose, lessons, emotional needs, gifts, tendencies, preferences, etc. A relationship synastry chart incorporates your and your partner's birth charts and reveals the nature of your connection, past lives, what you're meant to learn from each other, and how specifically your energies are meant to align. I'm happy to provide birth charts and relationship synastry charts by request. Please note that exact birth info (for at least one, if not both people) is required to get the most accuracy out of synastry charts.

⭐ My approach is compassionate, non-judgmental, straightforward, and empowering. As an intuitive and empath since childhood, I pick up on the feelings, emotions, and motivations of others. Using a unique combination of clairsentience, astrology, and oracle/tarot, I connect with Spirit to help you understand the deeper meaning behind what's going on in your life, what others are thinking and feeling, what's coming up based on current energetic trajectories, and how to best navigate the energies so you can move forward with more clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

⭐ I'm also am happy to provide tools and resources that have been most beneficial for me and my clients on our healing, awakening, and spiritual journeys.

⭐ If my guides are unable to connect with you or your situation, feel I’m not the best fit as a reader for you, or notice an unhealthy attachment or reliance developing, I will gently let you know and will not waste your time or money. Please understand that this is never personal and always comes from a place of love and respect.

My Background & Personalized Coaching
⭐ I spent 14 years in the corporate world before the Universe intervened and I was placed on a new path toward my spiritual calling. I have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, an MBA, and I'm a certified Life Coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner.
⭐ I offer personalized coaching for the soulmate/twin flame and spiritual awakening journeys. If you're interested, please message me for more info.

DISCLAIMER: The twin flame journey is often misunderstood as either being highly romanticized or as an excuse to allow physical or emotional abuse, overt narcissism, gaslighting, etc. The aforementioned behaviors are inexcusable and are not indicative of a true twin flame connection.
Endorsed Strengths
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  • Detailed · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
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