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Empath and spiritual guide focused on empowerment and alignment for twin flames/soulmates in existing connections only. I read hearts - feelings, blocks, intentions - and use astrological synastry. No timeframes.
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It's impossible to truly understand the twin flame dynamic unless you've experienced it. While we may have many soulmates, who play various roles in our lives as friends, lovers, and life partners, who challenge us and help us grow and evolve, we only have one twin. There's a deep inner knowing when we've met this person. No matter how much we may have lost ourselves in past relationships, this is different. They have such a profound impact on our lives that it literally becomes "life before meeting twin" and "life after meeting twin". Our worlds get flipped upside down.

Common Twin Flame Thoughts...
What's wrong with me? Why can't I let them go after so many months/years? If they really loved me, they would never treat me this way. I deserve so much better. But it was so incredible and intense and beautiful in the beginning. It was unlike anything either of us had ever experienced. How can they be so cold and distant now? Don't they realize how much they're hurting me? If only I could make them understand our connection. Some psychics say that we're meant to be - they just need time. Others say they're toxic and they'll never change. I don't know what to believe. This connection feels like it's taken over my life. What's wrong with me??

Nothing's wrong with you and you're not going crazy, love...

Meeting our twin flame a catalyst for our spiritual awakening and healing first and foremost. After experiencing the most intense, intimate, euphoric, passionate, loving connection...beyond anything you thought possible, the "running/chasing", rejection, and abandonment occur causing a downward spiral into the deepest pits of pain and despair. There's an addictive and obsessive desire to chase and get the person back, not realizing that very energy repels them and pushes them further away. Obsessing over them consumes our lives and we find ourselves wondering if this has all been some sick joke or punishment from the Universe.

Our twin is our greatest teacher, mirroring and triggering in ways that no one else can; forcing us to face the deepest wounds we've carried for lifetimes so that they can be healed and transmuted into the love, light and divinity that we are.

We ultimately awaken to the fact that there was no separation to begin with - our twin has always been our "other self" reflecting our inner state back to us. The subconscious fear, doubt and unworthiness within us is being played out through our twin, so we could be aware of it and release it. As we give ourselves the love, acceptance, forgiveness, and care we so selflessly give them (and so many others), we become more firmly rooted in our divine essence and perfection. And they reflect this back to us in the most precious gift of divine love (in real life - not '5D'!) we could ever experience.

As someone who went through years of the most gut-wrenching pain and despair before reuniting with my beloved twin, I know all too well how devastating, and often hopeless, things can feel.

For those ready to move beyond the pain and struggle and willing to do the inner work, it's my honor to provide highly personalized support (through tools, channeling, etc.) to help you permanently shift out of the viscous cycle of obsessive thinking, fear, doubt, chasing, and control. So you can re-align with your soul (ie. your twin), and experience true peace, love, and happiness within, which will naturally and effortlessly be reflected back to you by them. You are one with them at a soul level while also being whole and complete on your own. Your desire for them is their desire for you. And your love for them is their love for you. God/Universe is calling you home through your beloved.

DISCLAIMER: The twin flame journey is often misunderstood as either being highly romanticized or as an excuse to allow physical or emotional abuse, overt narcissism, gaslighting, etc. The aforementioned behaviors are NEVER okay or excusable and are not indicative of a twin flame connection.
Approach to Topics
Please make sure you're comfortable providing the information below for yourself and anyone you're inquiring about:
- First name & date of birth (month, day, year)
*Exact time (ex. 5:43 pm) and exact location of birth (city, state) are helpful but not required

I use astrology as a base for my readings to access the birth chart or soul's blueprint for you and anyone you inquire about. Our birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at time of birth, revealing what we are here to learn and express in this lifetime, our soul's purpose, lessons, gifts, tendencies, preferences, etc.

I'm happy to provide birth charts and relationship synastry charts by request.

**Please note that I am not currently taking new chat clients.**

My approach is compassionate, non-judgmental, straightforward, and empowering. As an intuitive and empath since childhood, I pick up feelings, emotions, and intentions of others. Using a unique combination of clairsentience, astrology, and tarot, I connect with Spirit to help you understand the deeper meaning behind what's going on in your life, what others are thinking and feeling, what's coming up based on current trajectories, and how to best navigate the energies, so you can move forward with more clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

Timing is fluid and we are creating our reality/experience in each moment through our state of consciousness, beliefs, and energetic vibration.

What you are embodying, expecting, and believing to be true in each moment is creating your experience of reality. We don't get what we want. We get what we believe we can have and are worthy of. My intention is to help you shift from identification with ego to alignment with soul, so you can manifest the true love, peace, joy, and fulfillment you desire, deserve, and are destined for. <3

*If I'm showing away during scheduled hours, please arrange a call with me and/or ping me and I'll be right with you.*

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