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You will discover that my astrological readings wake up your true desires, understanding of your current situation, reveal windows of opportunities and forward movement into the next level of your life's experience.
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I was born with "a knowing" about what is but can't be seen. But, I never put my finger on it until I began studying astronomy and geology. They work as a hand in a glove via fractal energies. The energies coming from the solar system also effect each and every one of us here on Earth. Reading astronomy is called astrology. I began reading it about 35 years ago and never looked back. There is something to learn, see and experience thanks to the energies that keep everything in motion. I love to share my insights with those interested in how to use these energies for the best outcomes in any given situation.
Approach to Topics
"Out with the old and in with the new" is a good way to think of the changing times we are experiencing.

Pluto has now reached the end of Capricorn, and the old corrupt system is being torn down by evolutionary forces. Meanwhile, in Pisces, Neptune is disintegrating illusions and driving collective lunacy to epidemic proportions. Uranus is wreaking havoc on the economy and preparing revolutionary surprises for 2022 while Pluto conjunct Pluto happens here in the USA.
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