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Clairvoyant Lady
Clairvoyant Lady
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Natal, Transits, Progressions, Horary, Compatibility.
Psychically gifted since childhood, I have spent much of my life developing my skills to include 40 years as a professional astrologer and psychic. Clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairvoyant I participate in and teach psychic development programs.


Certified Psychic, Certified Metaphysician Institute for Spiritual Development

Certified Psychic, Takoma Metaphysical Chapel

Born psychic, use no tools, use all the 'clairs.'

BA English & French UVM, MFA Film NYU

42 years certified astrologer

42 years daily meditation (TM Sidha & other)

1 year ashram in India

35 years practicing shaman (Michael Harner)

35 years professional tarot reading

30 years professional psychic

25 years teaching psychic development

Mastered these divination tools:

Straight Psychic, Spirit Guides, Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Astrology, I Ching, Runes, Billet reading, Handwriting analysis, Shaman work, Crystals, tea leaves/Turkish coffee grounds, Pendulum and Psychometry.
Approach to Topics
First pass: traditional, from experience and books.
Second pass: intuitive

I truly care about my clients, and want them to have love in their lives, a rewarding path in life, and to live and grow to their highest spiritual capacity.
. . .
My personal life purpose is my own spiritual growth, and I will always counsel my clients toward their highest and best spiritual growth as well, with kindhearted and uplifting humor.

Some Reviews:

She is amazing! Connected well to the situation. Only needs names and she just types like she is seeing a television. She is honest and sincere. Definitely accurate. It feels more like a good friend that cares about me that a psychic that wants my money.

Just Amazing. The best reader on this site. The best. If you need help, she’s the one you should go to. My heart is now light. TY!

Beyond amazing! Spot on. Sweet and helpful. Answered all my questions.

She picked up on details about the other person that were quite specific, never have had that experience before…

She is awesome. Nobody has picked things to this extent.

Gifted indeed.

I was depressed looking for a job. She told me where I could find the job by her description and told me send out my resume. It was so unbelievable because she was so right. FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE THAT A PSYCHIC COULD GIVE YOU AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION, COLOR, TIME AND PLACE.

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