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Let's look at the unique personal blueprint of your astrological birth chart for guidance in navigating your pressing life issues.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Past Lives
Skills & Methods
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Astrology - Western
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Dream Exploration
Introduced to Tarot, astrology, and magick at a young age, I have studied Divination most of my life, making the shift to professional practice 5 years ago. In 2012, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in multicultural counseling, which informs my practice. Additionally, I have 8 years of experience working as a crisis line specialist and an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trauma.
Approach to Topics
I blend modern psychological astrology with ancient (Hellenistic) astrology, incorporating the magical Decans (divisions of the Zodiac) through the imagery of the Tarot. I usually like to begin with a focus on a current life issue or area of concern in the chart. From there we can explore the chart together as a whole, or go into predictive timing techniques to either forecast your future or peer deeper into the past.
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