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Mark (relationship/business expert) unique joyful feeling/thought read; forecasts likely love/work opportunities/events with proprietary intuitive clairvoyant divinations; NBC WKEF TV 1996: best of 5 reviewed (86% accurate)
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Although this listing is newer, as a 23-year Keen veteran with over 30,000 consultations, Mark intends to facilitate client self-improvement with a goal of maximizing human potential to create personal success primarily through one-on-one advice consultation with clients interested in enhancing daily life (i.e., both personal and vocational application). Facilitates enlightened decision-making through confidential intuitive advice consulting for business and/or personal relationship insight (includes his unique lifetime compatibility potential method).

Divinus intends to facilitate your desired reality creation in accordance with your divine blueprint/plan opportunities (including personal relationship & business probable/likely event forecasts) by sharing a unique intuitive expert perspective (reading your situation's spiritual, feeling, and thought energy) and by advising your best strategy (comparing choices/options, identifying/solving issue roadblocks, and quantifying effort required ... using proprietary intuitive/clairvoyant divination methods). Also, I encourage you to share your situation background thoughts and feelings since it will assist me to 'tune in' by reading your aura from your voice vibrations. In addition to forecasting, I both empathetically listen (feel free to 'vent') and share spiritual insight to help facilitate creating your ideal vision/outcome. Identification of spiritual, emotional, and mental lifetime and near-term issues as candidate obstacles for clearing/healing will help in raising your spiritual frequency and optimizing your desired personal reality outcome although intensive work is likely beyond the scope of our consultations. Even if you simply 'feel better' or a little 'lighter' after our consultation, I hope I might have been of some assistance.

Mark has over 29 years of full-time experience (30 years total) in professional intuitive practice (39,000+ consultations: 30,000+ Keen points since Sep. 2000, Intuitive Services, 800Predict, and Phoenix Psychic Services).

He also has several decades of experience in many vocational fields including systems engineering (BSEE), corporate, business, government, and self-employment work environments. For a business consultation focus, Mark would be honored to have the opportunity to provide unique insightful advice into your vocational daily activities as well as longer-term avocational aptitude, creative interests, and pursuits.

Media recognition: He has several radio/newspaper/tv interviews (e.g., Radio: Host of "Metaphysical Musing with Mark" monthly show, CBS nationwide: "Heavenly Headlines" segment, WSAI AM 1530 "Angel Talk", WHIO AM 1290 "New Year's"; TV: NBC WKEF Ch. 22 News, and Newspaper: Dayton Daily). Reviewed on TV (Rated best[86% accurate] of five consultants evaluated): "The reading was fun and it did produce some uncanny insight into my personality, my past and my present...(Mark)...was right on target with much of what he said. Although not a scientific survey, the statistical accuracy was as follows: 0%...false, 14%...true for most people, 36%...specifically true for the reporter, 50% uncanny direct hits out of a total 22 items (100%)...had an uncanny ability to know more about me than a stranger should." (NBC TV News affiliate, Nov. 1996).

Mark's Keen reference information: For consultation methods and how tools enhance accuracy: "http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/isismatch/Intuitive-methods-background-and-how-to-receive-the-most-from-your-consultation/117378.aspx". For more relationship method: "http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/isismatch/Isismatchs-Unique-Lifetime-Compatibility-Potential-Method-Overview--amp--Background/164580.aspx". To further assist your spiritual transformation reality creation, check out sources in my spiritual bibliography posted at: "http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/isismatch/Spiritual-Bibliography/117386.aspx".
Approach to Topics
Mark facilitates the "matching" of your desired outer self/co-created reality to your perfect inner spiritual blueprint through personal transformation, self-healing, wholeness, & unconditional LOVE. Mark (as "Divinus", specializes in Relationships and Work/Career), intends to share an objective/unique perspective as an intuitive forecast roadmap of probable/likely events/trends (like weather prediction) for love/romance and vocation. Also by insightfully merging psychic ability, intuitive logic, and sympathetic listening; confirmation of your inner feelings/guidance for self-healing/wholeness/transformation is gently facilitated. Enhanced accuracy is achieved by synergistically combining clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance with several divination methods (tarot, astrology, scrying, etc.)

In addition to intuitive insight into personal relationships (a part may include my unique love chemistry compatibility appraisal method), I also welcome the opportunity to provide intuitive advice into your daily vocational (small business, corporate career, and work) activities as well as insight into your natural aptitudes/gifts, longer-term creative interest development plans, and other avocational pursuits.

For new clients: at the consultation start to help Mark "tune in" to your voice/auric vibrations, please share the spelling of your first name and your date of birth (optionally, add your birth time of day and location to improve accuracy) and if possible, optionally share some brief background to help focus on your question. For the lifetime relationship compatibility potential portion of the reading only, his proprietary unique method requires month/day/year of birth for each (birth location/hour improves accuracy); then Mark evaluates your relationship potential probability or chance of long-term life partner success/happiness on a percent scale (>60% desired) and labeled average, excellent, or outstanding as well as assesses your spiritual love, friendship, and physical relationship chemistry. "Nine out of 10 people are interested in relationships. ... developed a tool that will determine if a relationship has long-term soulmate (life partner) potential with 98 or 99 percent accuracy." (from an interview by a major U.S. metropolitan newspaper: Dayton Daily News, April 1999).

Since we are spiritual beings expressively creating in the physical world through physical vehicles(bodies), intuitive tools used as focusing mediums may give enhanced divination accuracy. For example, as a practical day-to-day tool, astrology (using a complete birth map generated with your birthdate, birthtime, and birthplace; not just Sun or birth sign only), is at its best for personality characteristics, timing probable events as a roadmap, and relationship compatibility. Astrology gives insight into one's personality and future opportunities around spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical matters (e.g., love, money, avocation, health, etc.). Every tool has its limitations and astrology is no different. Because of multiple interpretations for any given astrological influence, a tool like Tarot cards (representing synchronicity) is better to use to measure consciousness (i.e., what probable event description or outcome is more likely). However, as compared to cards, astrology is greatly superior for timing events. An ideal consultation/reading could combine astrology, cards, and intuition/clairvoyance (for interpretation psychic of multiple possible outcomes) resulting in a synergistic (i.e., 1+1+1=4) accuracy.

In addition to personal relationship matters, Mark welcomes the opportunity to provide unique insightful detailed advice into your vocational daily activities as well as longer-term avocational aptitude, creative interests, and pursuits.

My story briefly summarized: "https://www.keen.com/articles/psychic/divinus-a-compassionate-guide-towards-realizing-your-own-divine-plan"

Hope I may assist you!
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