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Horary Astrology Answer to specific question!
ACCURATE! Horary Astrology answer 1 specific question with a follow up question regarding the same topic during the same reading. Horary Astrology is an ancient and strict technique and very ACCURATE! *NO MEDICAL
About Me
About Me
I'm a Master Certified Horary Astrologer through STA School of Traditionally Astrology with Deb Houlding and Dr Lee Lehman. I also studied under The renowned John Frawley and brilliant Rumen Kolev.

Horary does NOT answer what if or "ever" questions.
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I erect an Astrology chart to answer your question. Questions should be phrased in the following manner. Please note Horary question can take 5-15 minutes. Also please note: I do not answer medical questions.

example questions:
"Will he/she cantact
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