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Mystic Jen

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Intuitive, fun, accurate astrology readings!
Email me to set up your reading by phone or email. With 25 years of astrology reading experience, I do custom birth charts, compatibility, year-out forecasts and more. Send me a message and lets get started!
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About Me
About Me
I received my first tarot deck and birth chart drawing set as a teenager in 1996 and have been reading ever since. For many years I studied these subjects on my own, along with other spiritual subjects such as meditation, spirit guides, energy
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
People usually say I have a joyous, warm and inviting energy, and am very fun and easy to talk to. I believe in active listening, and can intuitively hear even the things you are often afraid to say or admit to yourself. I am very compassionate and
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