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Oracle Bree Marie
Oracle Bree Marie
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Career Ruling Planet Readings, Chiron (biggest wound in this lifetime) Readings, North Node (your life purpose in this lifetime) Readings, Moon Sign (how you express emotions) Readings, Relationship Readings & more!
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Hello beautiful soul! I have always had a passion for Tropical Astrology, whether that be in daily horoscopes or learning everything I could about my birth chart. Now after many years of practice, schooling and experience - I can analyze YOUR birth chart to help you gain a better understanding of YOURSELF! Do you feel alone in your life, like nobody understands you or where you are coming from? With one look at your birth chart - I can help you feel understood - realize your purpose in this lifetime and show you how many of your habits, traits and characteristics have actually been planted in your life for you to overcome. Many of our major life challenges and lessons are written in the sky for us to read, although it takes a trained eye to understand what you are looking at. Allow me to dive deep into your spiritual life journey and help you navigate the waters of your lifetime here on Earth. I have been studying birth charts for quite some time now and by the end of 2023 I will be a Professional Astrologer as I am currently a student of the Cosmic Academy of Astrology, and if you are curious to see my reviews, just ask! I have helped countless individuals such as yourself realize how to attain awareness on subjects such as love, family, career & finances, right from your birth chart! Certain areas of life you may struggle with the most, might just be for a certain reason - and by analyzing your birth chart, I can help you gain a better understanding of why it is you seem to do circles in relationships, jobs or find it difficult to manage your money. I am also now providing Career Planet Ruler Birth Chart readings - by locating your Midheaven I can easily find your career ruling planet and identify which jobs and professions would best suit you so you can have that confirmation that you are on the right track!
Approach to Topics
We all know what our Sun Sign is, but what else do you know about your birth chart? Send me your birth date, time & location, as well as what it is you would like a reading on. Your North Node is what your soul craves to experience during THIS lifetime and your South Node is where you have come from in your most recent past life and is your comfort zone! Your Chiron is your major wound in this lifetime, and how you can begin to heal it. Or, just ask me to analyze your chart and see what pops out to me as a major turning point for you, what houses do you have full, which are empty, what zodiac sign does your moon fall in - this tells me about your unconscious mind and emotions and how you express them. There is so much to discover in your birth chart from the very moment and location of your birth! Then arrange a time to meet me one on one! There are so many options for you to choose, depending on what you are looking to gain knowledge on and how you prefer your readings delivered! I can't wait to help you discover that many of your personal quirks, emotions and mannerisms have actually been written right into your souls blue print, right here for you to uncover! Let my soul help your soul uncover what the Universe is trying to tell you!
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