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Pearly Baker
Pearly Baker
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energy reader who has studied astrology since 1985. I offer natal, comparison, progressed and composite charts. NEW LISITING FOR ASTROLOGY READINGS! Please look at other listing for non chart, energy readings and FB~
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I have studied Astrology since 1985. I learned old school hand casting charts with the Parker Astrology ephemeris.
Over the years I have been a member of over fifteen astrology associations. I have written horoscopes and astrology article in many national and local publications.

I having been doing psychic readings on Keen for over a decade. I am now bringing my astrology readings here! Being an energy reader, it helps to clarify what placements/aspects may mean in the charts.
Approach to Topics
Now offering Astrology readings on KEEN!

Natal Chart readings- Detailed reading of your and/or others natal chart. Understand a person in a detail and specific way. Also understand your life path more clearly.

Progression Charts- Where you are right now, what your focus is and how it changes as your life progresses.


Synastry Charts- A comparison chart. How two people are or are not compatible. Helps to understand the dynamics in a relationship.

Composite charts- The chart of a relationship. How you function as a couple as opposed to individuals together.

Progressed composite charts- How your relationship can shift and change along with both your individual progressions.

Davidson charts- A midpoint chart of both natal birthdates. More layered than the composite chart and what the relationship could mean big picture as it's own entity.

Date of meeting chart- A chart for the birth of the relationship. This along with the Davidson can show what this relationship will mean in your life.


Current and future transits and their impact. This can really help explain what you are facing now and in the future with all aspects of your life.

I also offer solar returns and some other specific chart castings. Will cast a horary chart for a specific question.Let me know what you are looking for!

PLEASE HAVE BIRTH INFORMATION READY. DATE, TIME AND LOCATION for all parties. If you do not have an exact time, most charts can still be cast but some information is far more accurate with it.
I will email you two free minutes at the start of the reading to make up for the time getting the information needed and pulling it up. If you prefer, you can email me the information prior to calling and I will let you know when I have it ready!

I do not mail hard copies of the charts to you. I am offering phone readings. If desired, I can email you a pay to view email reading with copies of the charts for a very small fee.

A brief analysis can be done for most of the basic charts in a ten to fifteen minute period. Because a deeper understanding takes more time, and because some may choose to have more than one type of chart interpreted, if we are doing in depth chart readings, I am open to lowing my rate after the first fifteen minutes. I want you to have a deep chart analysis at an affordable rate! Please inquire at the start of the reading.

If you just have basic astrology questions, or already have astrology information you might have questions on, please feel free to call with those inquires also!
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