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Psychic Melodie
Psychic Melodie
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I am a World Renowned Astrologer with over 35 yrs experience! I am proficient in Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, the Enneagram and many other Mystery Schools. I am an Author, Teacher, Speaker and Relationship Counselor.
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I am a professional astrologer and spiritual advisor with more than 30 years experience.

I've studied astrology, tarot, numerology, and many other metaphysical studies for all of my adult life.

I now write, teach and consult on a full-time basis, in my home and in my community. I'm also available online and back on Keen again in 2021.

My readings focus on answers and solutions rather than gimmicks and games. I specialize in love and relationship readings but am proficient in other areas. I am honest, ethical and reliable and I look forward to speaking with you!

Approach to Topics
I use a combination of astrology and tarot in all of my readings. As I'm also a relationship counselor, I can show you where you might be going wrong and how to turn things around to your benefit.

Together, we can look at yours and your love interest's birth charts and see where there are soul connections, where there will be karma to work through, and where to focus your energy to achieve the outcome you desire. We can also look at timing that is most beneficial to for maximizing your potential for success.

My clients come from all over the world because I give them practical, honest insight, without gimmicks or mumbo jumbo… My sessions emphasize free will and personal evolution, because I am far more interested in showing you how to utilize the planetary energies than I am in dazzling you with my psychic abilities.

If you are looking for someone who will read your (or your partner's) mind, I probably will not be a good fit for you. I can help you to navigate the confusing twists and turns of you relationships in order to get the outcome you desire. I can show you how to change the dynamics of your situation and show you what the outcome to each approach will be. But I can't (and won't) make your bottom line decisions for you.

I believe that everybody has free will and should use it. The universe does not want us to blindly follow our “destinies” if there is a better way, a more loving way, a more prosperous way, or a more enlightened way! I believe that we do have choices, and we can change our destinies. So I strive to give you honest, reliable, accurate and sincere information, and then show you how to use it.
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