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I have been doing Astrology since 1978 and off and on with Keen since 2005 under my Tarot listing. For Accuracy, YOU NEED YOUR BIRTH TIME. PLEASE- NO CHAT FOR ASTROLOGY- takes too much of your time/money for me to type it out
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Being born a psychic child, was quite a gift and I was graciously supported by my mother who also had these gifts. I started learning Astrology and Tarot in 1978 while living in Hawaii, through a dear friend who is a very gifted psychic Astrologer. I find that I continue to learn as I professionally expand, as every Great Astrologer does. Please Don't Use Chat for Astrology..it takes way too much time to move back and forth between my Astro program and Chat window... AND TYPE....so IT IS NOT "time or cash friendly" to you..
I moved back to the Mainland in 1994, and began working in Sedona, AZ at the Center for the New Age in 1999. I have also worked professionally at the Reno Psychic Institute and Reno Magic, in Nevada. I have a wide private client base, and continue to love working with many of my regular and new clients on Keen over the last 16 years.
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I love Astrology, and it's one of my Favorite ways to spend time... learning more and more about how the energies of the planets effect us here on the Earth. I have studied Steven Forrest, Dane Rudhyar, Jan Spiller, Ruth Hadkin and many others. It's a wide range of Teacher's who have influenced my expertise, so that variety will give you the Best of my skills as a Psychic Reader of Astrology. Please don't use Chat for Astrology. It's in not user friendly for you as I have to jump between the Astrological Program showing your chart to the Chat Box on Keen, plus type it out....and it really is not Time Worthy considering the cost of the time it takes. Much faster to do by phone. You can email me at Keen and give me your birth information ahead of time which can save up to 30 seconds to input into the program so your chart('s) can be ready for your call. I will email back and give you 5 free minutes and let you know when the chart is ready. Especially if you want a Composite/Relationship chart reading... to see how you and your partner are karmically connected in this lifetime, and if it has past life connections or if this is the first time meeting. We can see what brought the two of you together in this life and what is left over from last time to be cleared or healed, if anything. BIRTH TIME FOR AT LEAST ONE PERSON IS ESSENTIAL FOR RELATIONSHIP CHARTS.
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