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years of love transits end dates, my interpretation of magi astrology applied to the extremes in your love life. Exactly when your most likely to experience true love in a life, the 'extremes in love' in life.
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I am Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool intuitive astrologer, internationally known and traveled in over 28 countries, and a member of the Magi Society, the US Press Association, and Legal Shield. I am a former nursing home administrative

assistant and provide ongoing consult to one, and a black belt in tae kwon do. I use Magi astrology, other astrology, and my intuition to predict life events and times with for you, weeks or months before those events take place. I will help

you navigate the course ahead and have a deeper insight into the soul, and timing for best success, combined with cutting edge research in the most modern day astrology. By aura video & character, I am a true Adult Indigo. I am the

author of the extremely accurate predictive ebook "A Storm Warning For Israel - Spring/Summer 2007". My (Youtube/Facebook) 'Astrological Heads Up for May/June 2011' was again 'down to the day' accurate (UN meeting in Rome Italy

May 5 2011). In sum total so far, I have made 10 successful ‘public’ accurate ‘documented’ published ‘before hand’ predictions on major geopolitical events & financial markets moves a month to two months in advance before they

happened, down to the week or day they happened. See my 'Proven Predictions' of this site for more. My fixed star angle on the moment at birth is Menkar, the empath, interpreted as 'one who can sense or know the future'.
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Love Astrology Reading THE EXTREMES IN LOVE when it comes in life, true love, cinderella transits, the times in life your most likely to experience true love, and issues around love astrology. Using magi astrology techniques.
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