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Angelic Reiki
Angelic Reiki
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As an experienced Spiritual Advisor I have brought many the clarity they were searching for. Call now to shed some light on your situation.
I am an empath intuitive and have been able to sense and feel others since I was a child. Being an empath is a connection with others to be able give the answers needed for peace of mind while understanding their own emotions. The connection has helped me to grow and cultivate my gifts to help and use them as an instrument to connect, heal and give peace. Having that connection has helped me to understand what you search for on a deeper level.
Approach to Topics
My greatest purpose that brings me joy is helping others.
My powerful intuition and angel deck are what I use.
ABOUT MY GIFTS I am empathic/intuitive, clairsentient and clairaudient. This combination has helped me in helping others.
About my reading style: I have a deep connection. Information often flows, please take notes.
My top priorities are the concerns you have.
A reading often gives the clarity that creates a solution for any situation.
Insight serves as a guide that enables you to be able to make the best decision possible.
There is no such thing as a bad connection; we are all connected.
Not all matters are revealed.
I believe only God knows "ALL" matters.
The power of free will can change the path as well as bring positive changes for you and your life.
MY favorite quote is "The hardest teacher in life is "experience" the test is first, the lesson is last."
In life certain lessons must be learned or repetition of the same cycle occurs.
A reading can help you know what is ahead so that you can make the a choice right for you.
You deserve comfort, love, happiness, peace of mind, and peace in the heart.
You have an angel on your side.
I have helped many start a business, helped them find grants, and given insight.
Clarity can give your mind and heart peace.
For specific answers you need specific questions.
I do not handle matters on legal affairs, regarding death or medical questions.
I respect all people, beliefs, and paths of life.
I do NOT judge anyone.
I am honored that you have chosen me for guidance.
Remember to leave feedback for all your advisers, doing so helps us to help others.
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