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Dreams can hold Divine wisdom, where Spirit meets to guide you. In the realm of higher truth with dreams, we have access to all. Come share with me the inner wisdom of your dreams!
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I was born with the gift of psychic abilities which my family refers to as Divine Sight, we have come to know this as a gift of Holy Spirit. I have always helped others with this wonderful gift and feel as if I was chosen to do so. My dreams have always been prophetic or what people call intuitive. In my dreams at times I have found myself in the presence of God, he showed me many disasters that happened days after with precise details, and discussed with me his concerns over our need to understand the world and to grow with her fluctuations of nature here on earth. I've walked along in Heaven in my dreams, came up on the Jordan river where I could see my loved ones singing and shouting with joy on the other side. I've heard the angels say I had a mission and could not yet cross over until I shared this vision with many here on earth. I've had dreams of where things were that were lost and people that were missing. Then had the opportunities of working with investigations to help bring them home. I have come to know the world of dreams as more real and true than what we see here, a mere reflection of the Kingdom!
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I see visions, hear audible guidance from the still small voice within as your spirit guides and angels are always walking along side you. I feel and sense thoughts and impressions, as well as feelings that people have in your focus, as we work to share in spirit to assist you. You never have to be alone! I am a 5 star counselor here on Keen. This is just a new listing for me.
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