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Dream Incubation/ Dream Analyst/ Visual Communication / Soul Language / Media De-programmer/ Anxiety Isolator/ Sleep Fitness / Well-being Facilitator/Courage Counselor
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Tarot Readers 3/4/2018 LovelyMe1011 5 stars The BEST on Keen! The only advisor that remembers exactly where we left off. Her accuracy leaves me speechless every time! She's a KEEPER!

Tarot Readers 11/19/2017 LovelyMe1011 5 stars The only advisor on Keen that I can pick up with right where we left off no matter how much time has passed by. I love that! She's the best!

Dream Interpretation 11/27/2017 Nini1983 5 stars Great reading. I emailed her prior and we scheduled a time to talk. She had all the answers for the reading prior to getting on the phone and what she said resonated with what's going on in my situation. First prediction is about 3 weeks out, but will definitely be connecting with her again as things unfold.

Tarot Readers 11/29/2017 Member78350186 5 stars Dalphina was accurate yet again. She mentioned that my boyfriend is communicating with men who are from other countries, international and some work is involved. She also said I would hear from him within 2 hours. Well he called 20 min after our call ended and what is so interesting is that he told me he was playing this video game and thatvall of these people from other countries were contacting him! I thought it was crazy that she picked up on that! Dalphina is right again!

Otherworld Connections 11/20/2017 Member78350186 5 stars Dalphina was 100% accurate....my bf and I had reservations at a nice restaurant and I called to ask how the evening would go. She told me that unfortunately it would not happen. I didn’t believe her but she was absolutely right! He called at the last minute to cancel! I couldn't believe her accuracy. She also told me about a friend of his that is a bad influence but thankfully saw him avoid this guy and it's true, that's exactly what happened. That's why she's my go to person. She has been accurate in all aspects! I am still in disbelief but thankfully I found her and have stopped calling others who just tell you what you want to hear or are just plain wrong. Thanks Dalphina!

Tarot Readers 10/10/2017 Member78350186 5 stars

Tarot Readers 10/20/2017 Member78350186 5 stars My bf has called to cancel plans to go out and seemed weird on the phone as if he wanted to break up. I called Dalphina to find out what was going on and she said that we were definitely going out and he was just feeling anxious. He seemed to be certain that he didn’t want to go out. She insisted! Well literally two minutes after getting off the call with Dalphina, he called to tell me he changed his mind! I couldn’t believe it! It was just like Dalphina said! I couldn’t make this stuff up! Don’t bother calling anyone else! She’s the best.

Tarot Readers 10/8/2017 LovelyMe1011 4 stars Always ACCURATE and ALWAYS so comforting to speak with. Her energy grounds me even when I'm most distraught over my situation.

Tarot Readers 10/19/2017 Member78350186 5 stars

Tarot Readers 10/12/2017 Member78350186 5 stars In August Dalphina predicted that my bf would come around and solidify things by October and specifically October 10th. At the time, it seemed so far away but each prediction she gave, happened as she said it would! Starting in October, he started making plans to move in together and look for a home for us. On October 10, his behavior did seem to change and he has been more open and connected to our relationship and making plans for the future! There's so much more Dalphina predicted but I can't fit it all here....the best and most accurate. Don't waste your money or time with fairy tale psychics. It will make you feel good temporarily but it's not the real deal! She's the best!
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