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~Venture into the Slip-Stream~
LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP ISSUES OF ALL NATURE REMOTE VIEWER, AUTOMATIC WRITING/ARTIST, ENERGY READER, DREAM GUIDES, We Never Stop Learning, our Brains Do Not Shut Off during Sleep instead We Venture into the Slipstream
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About Me
I was born with the gifts of foresight, the knowing as many call it. My first experiences were dream travel and floating ........while in a folded up position I would be able to leave my body and as I called it float around the house I would see
My Approach To Topics
I Am An Ordinary Person With Extra-Ordinary Gifts ..I am a Natural Born Psychic/Clairvoyant, I spent my life Fine Tuning these gifts of Remote Viewing, Automatic Writing, Reading Auras, Energies and Dream Meanings....Born with the ability to tap into