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Traditional spiritual dream interpretations detailing every aspect of your dream and its significance in your current life and situation... I also help those who wish to learn to get answers through their dreams...
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Welcome to my profile and thank you for visiting.
I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am an initiate of Candomble and Umbanda, a form of spiritualism from Brasil. My ancestry in these traditions go back hundreds of years. I have inherited the arts of clairvoyance, tarot reading, candle reading, mediumship and healing from my wonderful family. Over the years I have grown in religion and spiritualism.
I have explored various world religions and received my Doctorate in Metaphysics and became an Ordained Spiritual Healer. I have also studied Reiki healing, becoming an Usui and Karuna Ki Master. I expanded my clairvoyance by learning to read the Akashic Records as well. During the past couple of years I have been focusing on my original traditions of Candomble and Umbanda. I have been working more with the Orixas and Caboclos, embracing mediumship and communication with the spirits during misas. I can do candle readings and various works and healings.
I incorporate various arts to offer the most comprehensive and helpful service to my clients. When I offer my services, I provide the insight I receive from the Tarot, spirit guides and a few other tools. It may or may not be what you want to hear, but my goal is to provide honest direct answers and guidance.
I offer healings as well, this can include distant Reiki healings or various suggestions for you to do yourself such as candle lighting, some herb work, lighting of incense ect...
Foretelling the future is not a cut and dry operation, when a reading is done it shows the events that are taking place and that will take place as of that particular time. When events change situations change as well. For example; if I give a reading about love and tell you that your other half is not happy and wants to leave the relationship, we begin to explore what is going on deeper through the cards and we find a solution for the problem, your behavior changes towards your other half and the person doesn't leave after all.
Please take this into consideration when getting a reading, that events do change, sometimes the universe has things planned for you that no-one can tell you and this has to be understood as well, because if we knew everything, then life wouldn't be so interesting. Please take this into consideration when getting a reading done with me or any psychic. Please feel free to contact me live or via e-mail with any questions or requests.

Approach to Topics
Please read prior to getting a reading with me:

*** When I read, I often speak about energy because we are all energy beings. During readings, I use various forms of divination and will often explain the energy around a situation, person or event because it is an important factor in understanding why things are happening. This understanding will often be very helpful down the line in working with and through situations in order to improve them. As part of my readings, I feel it is important to give information that will allow people to better manage life situations.

*** Prior to getting a reading with me or any other reader, please know that connecting to a situation may take time. It is particularly difficult to connect with a situation and answer questions in under five minutes. While I understand that time is money, I strive to produce quality readings with as much accuracy as possible which at times may require more than a minute or two.

I read using a variety of tools including but not limited to tarot, oracle cards, candles, water, and mediumship/channeling. I choose a tool or a combination of tools based on what I am guided to use when we first connect.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this section prior to connecting with me.

I can describe your soulmate - I can point out past life connections and tell you if and have met this energy before in a previous life time and how this past affects your present or will affect your future...
I am a Spiritualist also - a practitioner of Umbanda and Candomble... I offer Spiritual counseling and guidance with spell work, candle work, energy work to bring what you want into your life...

E-mail Readings are $100.00. Please include any questions with the first name and dob of people you are inquiring about including yourself. Most e-mail readings will include back and forth communication to ensure that your questions are answered and the reading is complete. Please e-mail me to request an e-mail reading.


Personality Report

For quick insight on yourself or a person you want to learn more about, you can easily order a personality report that is compiled based on the birth date of the person in question. This report will include information about struggles that are commonly faced by people who are born on a particular date as well as information to help a person improve their life path.

*Please keep in mind that this report is not exclusively astrological, based on tarot or numerology but more of a combination of methods to provide general insight on how being born on a specific date has impacted a current life cycle.

This personality report is $15.00 and is made available within 72 hours of providing the date of birth for the personality report.

Please e-mail me to request a personality report and include the person's name and date of birth for the most accurate report.
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