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Hello Friend. Have a dream that never stops. Something that keeps you asleep at night? Does it give you reason to be awake? Let me look into it for you.
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I started reading symbols and signs at a young age. When my grandmother taught me about the 8th star in the Big Dipper, in the northern sky. Not Sirus the dog star. But the small marker in the sky the American Indians use to see how good a young person's eye sight is. If a young person could see the smallest little red star off of one of the main stars and tell the Shaman which star it was off of.. and what color it was and where it was in relation to the constellation as a whole... the Young person would be given night watch duty.

Then my father came along and told me the stars where giant balls of light and fire... each with possible life around them. I was like 4 years old, and reading.

I went to school and the teacher told me the class you can not see air.. in the first grade. Which I can. And told us about Dyslexia. That night I was reading and the letters became red and upside down on the black ones. One Eye was seeing black as red... and upside down and the other was normal and black As looked like weird Xs. and Fs looked like weird block As. To cure this I had to learn to stop seeing color in one eye... and stop paying attention to pasterns with the other.

It affected how I read books and words.

I was marked down as dyslexic, and was not required to read... and was treated as handicapped.

I learned to read everything. People, time, color shifts, what colors people pay attention to and why.... you name it... everything has a place and a purpose.

I started reading playing cards about the time I started playing poker. Have you ever looked at the symbols on a the face cards of a poker deck?

The King of Hearts and the queen of Spades to be exact??

You can tell who is bidding on what and why by what face cards are out on the table... and which are in your hand... if you know what the different cards on the table are saying.. And you know enough about the other players. You never have to watch tells... the cards tell you all you need to know.

It is the same in life.

When it comes to the issues that you are facing. All the cards in a playing card deck have meanings that help me empathically help you with any situation.

I need to ask you some basic questions... in order to help clarify on my end, what I need to look for in the cards.

I need to know stuff about you.
I need to know stuff about other people involved in the reading.
I need honesty from the person being read.
Its my job to skim through what you see and feel and know the truth, that you may
not see for yourself...

I love helping People.

The first card reading I did was for a young couple at a bar in Nebraska. it was a cold summer evening. in mid July. it was around 2:15 in the morning . I was 16. I was on the road with my trucker uncle, helping him load and unload the trailer to make spending money for the summer.

I had spent a few dollars at a vending machine.... on a deck of cards and some other bar type stuff....

The young couple where arguing by a light pole in the parking lot. They did not have a ride home. The had both showed up expecting the other to drive them home, as the driver. Both had been drinking and the bar had long closed... they were dressed for summer and it was cold... they were drunk.

They were arguing.

I was board.

So I walked up and started talking to this young couple.. who were very much my seniors.

I set there and talked to them... and asked if i could do a card reading for them...

Come to find out everything I read for them was spot on.

The young man had made plans to propose to his girl friend from middle school on.

The girl did not know, he had a ring is his pocket.

He had made major plans to propose at a nice venue in front of people and make it special.

He had not told her anything about it.. .she did not know what type of date he had set up....

When I was done reading ... She said Yes with tears of Joy... the ring surprised the hell out of me.
Approach to Topics
I take every Reading seriously. I do joke around a bit.... and try to keep it light-hearted. I take a very clear and empathic approach to the issues you will share with me.

I start my readings by asking basic questions.
I enjoy honesty... it makes the readings 110%.
The lack of honesty to me ... fouls up the reading 100%.
I require the person being read for to be honest with themself.
I would like the person being read for... to be open to knowing
that the world they see, and feel might not be the one that
others are seeing and feeling.

I promise that if you take the time to listen to what I have to see
and say to you; Your life will Improve drastically.

I take each reading as they come. Everything you can imagine.

I suggest different minor changes to your home that will help
achieve the goals you would like to achieve... .sort of holistic.
Herbs and oils and textiles that will help you get what you want
out of life.

I love to help people succeed at life. Not only Romantically, and
Financially, but spiritually, and creatively.

There is way more to every issue in ones life than the issue at hand.
however the issue at hand is being affected by all the other issues
affecting each other.

Please take the time to set down and think through everything in your life.
Come up with a game plan.

Where do you want to live when you are 75?
What kind of person do you want to be with at 75?
What kind of life do you want for your grand kids when your are 75?
What do you want to be doing for fun at age 45?

You need to look at your life like a spinning wheel.

The faster it goes the farther you go out.
The closer you are to the center the safer you are.
You are the center of everyone around you.
The faster you are the farther people get from knowing you
or understanding you....
Some times you need to slow down...
You need to stop spinning in circles and relax
So does your partner... they need time to relax and just look at you.
So does your job, and the organization you work for.

Everything moves at a fast pass. There is no need for you to ever
move fast. Even if going really far away.

So slow down. Take some time and ask me questions.

Know what you want to ask...
Know why you want to know the answer.
Know why the answer has to do with someone else
Know who and why the someone else is important to know
Know why who those people are and why they are acting the way t hey are.
Know I will be able to tell you....the answers if you just listen.

I love to help people improve their day to day life.

I love helping people make dynamic changes that fundamentally alter
their life path, in an acute and seriously healthier direction.

So if you have any questions at all Please feel free to ask.

I try to answer questions as quickly as i can.

I also stay on topic.

I will ask you questions through out the reading...

I can read your past...

I can read your past all the way back to the big bang... if you want.

I do not need card or tools to read people.
I read everything.. and See with my Mind.

The cards just help clarify questions faster... when I have little or no time to look into something.

So to save your time and money.. i Rarely use cards... and when I do I read them really fast...

I tend to tell the person I am helping what cards i am seeing and using in the reading.

Spend enough time with me and you will get to know what the different cards and suits mean... I tend to tell you in the reading.

Oh and If you want I will keep a deck of cards that I read for you.. and only you...

When the cards get tired and old and used to the point of locking up from use.. I will send them to you for safe keeping. Anytime you want the deck I am reading with ... just ask for it... and I will mail it to you ....

and his cat
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