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Joeann Smith

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565 readings since 2009
I specialize in dream interpretation,
Dreams has answers to things going on in your life and people that are gifted are able to help you get the right interpretations so that dreams can tell you what to inspect in your future i had my gift for over 30 years
My Attributes
Career & Work
Destiny & Life Path
Breakups & Divorce
Family & Friends
Deceased Loved Ones
Dream Exploration
Dream Interpretation
Otherworld Connections
Chakra Cleansing
Aura Cleansing
About Me
About Me
My background is that i am gifted in this field of dream interpretation and have helped many people with reaching to the other side for 30 years now and helping them with what they need to know what was that dream about!!! given them answers on what
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I do need to be up front with my callers i do have a direct approach with all my readings and will always tell you the truth ! even if its not what you want to hear in order to establish a connection and give you the most accurate reading or