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Maiden of Mystery
Maiden of Mystery
Unopened Letters, Dreams, Soul Visions!
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I love Interpreting your Dreams! I will give you delicious details, unraveling every puzzling symbol! I believe your Dreams are telling you, YOUR future! And the exact right action to take, to follow their wisdom!
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I have interpreted Dreams, all my life. Dreams are like letters, sent to you, as you sleep. Unless decoded, they remain unopened. Every part, voice, symbol in your dream, means something for you to discover. I believe so much in dream messages, and keeping a dream journal, because I also have and still do, experience them.They play a key part in the Bible, and are sent to tell you something, but what? That is what I want to show you...the answer. I am a Christian, and practice Meditative Prayer. I believe this enables me to have divine knowledge to guide you. I will honestly tell you everything your dream wants you to know. Let's have some fun, and open those dream messages!
Approach to Topics
I understand that recalling your dream can be lengthy and expensive. So, when we first talk, you can explain your thoughts about your dream, and we can go over that. Then I will ask you to send me a letter to my listing here on Keen, describing your dream in vivid detail. Put under the 'Subject' part of the mail, 'Dream details' and I will send you a message that I have your dream, and would like to print it out, have a couple of days to go through it, study it, and write out your interpretation. I will let you know by Keen mail that it is ready for you to call, whenever it is convenient for you, and you can get back me, to hear what I have gleaned from your dream. That saves you the money of telling me the whole dream online, and also gives me the time to go over the dream.
This is fun, fascinating, and I think important for you to know what your dreams are telling you! So let's begin....start writing them down as soon as you wake, and call me!
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