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Maiden of Wisdom
Maiden of Wisdom
Gifted and Honest Psychic! No Fluff Reader!
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I have been interpreting dreams for others for 35+ years. I'm an honest Psychic who works with Spirit and Angels. I am a Clairaudient Reader-and had NDE experiences. I do life readings-and am FAST and ACCURATE! NO Fluff!
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***Please Read Ad prior to call!***

I am a natural born Psychic-a born Seer. I have read friends, strangers, bosses, done Chatroom readings over years-with a true accuracy rating. I am VOICE Sensitive-a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Precognitive Reader. I studied under some of the best experienced and wise Psychics, Mediums, Tarot Readers, Lightworkers when I was in my 20s. I observed things that shocked me, amazed me-but was told after working with me-I had the gift-use it. I read Tarot quite well, a good knowledge of Astrology, and worked with the Paranormal and Spiritual side alone and with others. I depend on what Spirit and my angels show me though-even if I use Tarot for additional insights. I do readings on Life and Specific Questions ONLY! I have very good experience in doing dream interpretation-explaining what symbols especially can mean within your dream. Dreams are important-they can show us things 'past' from our subconscious mind; but more importantly--dreams can show us things to come into our future! So yes-Dreams are an important part of our lives no matter what we dream! I started keeping a Journal in 1993-of visions AND dreams I was having-to discover one thing-I was 'seeing future events unfolding; and still do. I work only in the light and had NDE (near-death experiences*) more than once-truthfully more than twice now. I've learned there is an afterlife and angels are very real! I definitely believe in Miracles and the supernatural! I am thankful to be blessed to be living, breathing and know I have things to do here on this earth still ahead of me. The most important is helping others to know life is so very precious and every day is truly a gift.

I know everyone has a purpose and reason to be here--maybe you aren't sure of yours yet or maybe you're facing problems you can't resolve or find peace about. I've read all my life but been doing Keen Readings as a Professional Psychic for 17 years now-rated as a 5 star Reader. I also worked a former network and was listed as a Top 10 Reader out of hundreds-and was honored to help others. If you're seeking real honesty, integrity and accuracy that has been tried and tested to be true--please know I offer you all that Spirit gives me and more! It be my honor to read you! NO Fluff here--only the one thing that matters in Life--Telling the REAL Truth!
~Blessings to All~

::I do NOT answer/read any Legal/Medical/Lottery or pregnancy related questions/readings--per Keen policies. Thank You!::
Approach to Topics
I am a no fluff Psychic-as I believe the real truth is what you are entitled to-to help empower you on your journey in life. I offer clear guidance to help restore inner peace, absolute joy and offer wisdom about each of your concerns. I'm 100% honest and have read strangers/others with proven accuracy for years-thanks to Spirit and the many angels that have guided me to share the gift of second sight. I do specific questions, do dates and timeframe information in all readings. I also pick up names sometimes, especially peoples descriptions and physical places. I encourage you to take notes if you call me and have all questions ready prior to placing a call! I do use Tarot to get an indepth read in addition to cold psychic readings-but I always depend on what Spirit alone tells me you need to know.
Dreams hold meanings and sometimes we ignore them! Have you had dreams you cannot forget or they tend to repeat? Maybe it is a dream that haunts you and you just ignore it! Maybe you shouldn't! Maybe you should think about it-as it just may be an open door to your future!

YEAR: 8/21/2003
MEMBER: acct2885
"IF you don't want to hear the TRUTH, then this lady is NOT for you. She sees ALL the truth; and is kind enough not to deceive you. I found her very refreshing. I will definitely call back!"

If you are seeking real honesty, integrity and accuracy that has been tried and tested to be true--please know I offer you all that Spirit gives me and more as a truly gifted messenger! I've been gifted all my life in reading people; but been a Professional Psychic for 17 years now-as a Top Psychic Reader from a prior network. I don't do Medical/Legal type issues and/or readings per KEEN policies. Call me and use your own judgement -you alone can decide if I am the real deal! You can judge any Reader by what others say and/or tell you. I ask one thing-please call me and judge for yourself! Your time is important to me and your life. I'm only a messenger-but one who truly cares about your life! It would be my honor and my pleasure to read you!
Have a blessed day!
~ Namaste!~

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