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Marie Knight
Marie Knight
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Dreams have meanings. They can be warning or messages. What are yours trying to tell you? ASK ME! I'm a God Gifted Psychic with 23 yrs experience and I can help you make meaning of your dreams!
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I am a 3rd Generation Psychic and Mother to a 4th Generation psychic. I have been providing professional readings since 1999 for the international community. My gift was given to me at birth, and I was raised to use my psychic powers for the benefit of others.

At a young age, I noticed that I was different from the other children around me. I could sometimes hear and see things before they happened. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized I was given a unique gift.

Psychic abilities were never something that the Christian members of my family spoke about. In fact, to this day we do not use the term ‘psychic’ in front of certain other family members. Despite this, the women in my family raised me to use my God-given abilities to help benefit others. I was the first in my family to conduct professional readings.

On the surface, I am just like anyone else. I am a mother of one with a full-time "9-5 career", a bachelor's degree, and a love for Comic Book heroes, reading books watching movies, hiking, and spending time with friends. I am approachable and willing to answer questions about my services or other basic psychic information.

My preferred reading method is to use my psychic intuition. I am, however, knowledgeable in several other reading techniques and work with a client according to their preference. My other methods include Tarot, Palmistry, Runes, I-Ching, Astrology, Pendulums, Crystal Ball, and Tea Leaf Readings.

Approach to Topics
I want my clients to feel as if they are talking to their best friend, who also happens to be psychic. Your needs are real, and the solutions need to be as well. I provide honest and accurate readings to my clients to give them the best information. I speak plainly, clearly, and frankly without jargon or esoteric "mumbo jumbo," so there is no confusion. Unlike some psychics, I provide free follow-up sessions to ensure my readings are understood.

I never sugarcoat or gloss over a negative situation, but I certainly won't leave you hanging, either. It is my personal goal to empower you to take charge of your life and make positive changes for the future. With the right knowledge and effort, almost everything is possible.

I care, and I try to give back to my clients in little ways. First, 10%-20% of every session's fee goes to the charity of the month as chosen by my clients. Second I offer freebies and discounts to repeat clients. My blog has helpful articles and resources for the beginner and the adept alike. Finally, I frequently chat and mingle with my clients when not in session. If you ever have a question about my services or inquiries about psychics in general, feel free to ask me.
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