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Serenity Guidance
Serenity Guidance
Intuitive TAROT ~ Guided by Angels and Spirit
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BACK ON KEEN AFTER A HIATUS. I am an intuitive tarot reader. I have been reading for 20+ years. MASTER DREAM INTERPRETER.
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Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
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I am an intuitive tarot reader and life coach. I have been reading tarot since 1995. I picked up my first deck, the Crowley deck, two weeks after my father's untimely death. 10 months before my father's death, I had a dream that he would die. I was keeping a dream journal at the time, and logged that in my journal.   That dream, and my fathers death, started me on my spiritual path. I have been studying dream symbols for over 30 years, and I feel that my experience in dream interpretation and symbology can help you decipher your dreams.
Approach to Topics
The best way to start a reading with me is to simply ask a question: this can be a yes or no question, or it can be one more in depth. I only read timing if it comes up naturally in the reading. I don't typically do timing answers.

Per the Keen User Services Rules Policy, I cannot provide services that require a licensure, such as a physician or a financial planner. I cannot diagnose illnesses. Therefore, I will not read on any health issues, including pregnancy, nor will I provide any advice related to stocks, bonds, the lottery, etc....., as these are prohibited by the Keen User Services Rules Policy.
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