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Soulmate Twin Flames - Dreams Reveal Messages
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Get accurate answers with love, Soulmates, divine parter, and Twin flame Relationships with Psychic love Readings and Soul Guidance. Dreams can reveal messages with your divine Soulmate
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Over 39 years of experience with psychic energy, I’m a 3rd generation born psychic, born under the astrological sign Scorpio (the sign of spiritual energy).

I first realized when I was 5 that I was blessed with the gift of feeling the energy of people (Empathic). I first developed my psychic abilities through my teens, enhancing my spiritual gifts that include:
 Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience. Overtime, my psychic abilities became stronger and I was able to visualize the future for other people.
I started dream interpretation when I was 13 and since then have developed my gift helping others on their path with life situations.

Dream interpretation sessions consist of spiritual energy, using the tools of Oracle along with crystals, in order to give the most in-depth answers with your situation, specializing in Love and helping you heal your energy by creating a positive spiritual balance.

My Psychic Soulmate and Twin flames readings will empower you and inspire you, while focusing on positive energy, to make choices that are right for you based upon spiritual guidance and higher light during a reading.

In your psychic interpretation reading, I will tune into your energy to give you spiritual guidance and help you understand any issues & obstacles on your path. For Love relationships readings, I channel spiritually to look for blocks and reveal indications of a Soulmate, Twin flame, Karmic, past lives or Twin Ray. Then I explain to you if there will be a short or long term relationship ahead and also if there are any type of interfering third party energies and finally how to overcome the challenges that are in your path.

I will help you understand the energies with Soulmates Twin flames relationships that may have short and long term future. I am a very sensitive, spiritual and intuitive light worker. I have always been able to tune into the energy emotions of other people around me. I can also feel energy very strongly with a tremendous empathy. During your Reading, you will feel the healing and balancing energy at work.

I will use my abilities and gift of Clairsentience as well as my spiritual intuition to give you a Soul guidance on life issues and situation that you may have. I use many different decks of oracle cards and angel cards for you, to open up truth and reveal hidden insights to use towards your highest good.

I have more than one Psychic ability and spiritual gifts, such as:
Clairvoyance - Inner seeing, picking up situations that are about to occur and how to avoid obstacles (if it's meant to be revealed and corrected by the Divine).
Clairsentience - Receiving energy messages through feelings and emotions (empathic; this is also a form of Clairsentience).
Clairaudience - Spiritual way of receiving and hearing intuitive messages without using the physical ear (similar to tuning into a radio station).
Claircognizance - This ability to know and understand something without facts.

We are all Born with a spiritual energy gift. I’ve always been able to pick up energy from people wherever I went, almost as if I could spiritually hear their thoughts and feel their feelings (but not reading their minds).  This is an ability I was blessed with.

I will help you with your love & relationship issues and questions. I found that healing begins when you understand the root the of the problem. Love between you & your divine Soulmate/Twin flame is the most intense bound, also the highest vibration available.

I will give you insights and advice that help you visualize and see more clearly about yourself, your relationship and also if there is a spiritual connection between you both. My mission is to help you see the subtle and unseen influences around you and your divine partner, having an understanding and knowledge of the “inside” information and finally giving you the spiritual advice and guidance needed to help you get your relationship back on track.
Approach to Topics
During a psychic dream interpretation session, I will reveal the situations that will occur and how to avoid obstacles (if allowed).
I pick up messages at a faster pace, remotely viewing and receiving information from spirit, interpreting the messages for you.

About Time Frames/Time Lines: there isn't a Psychic in the World who is 100% accurate with times frames. God give us all free will and nothing is marked in stone. We have the power to make the choices. Spiritual guidance can help us with our decisions we need to take, in order to fulfill our destiny. I have always been accurate for receiving a spiritual sense and giving a approximate time (if possible) of the situation ahead. We are sent in this lifetime for a purpose; things happen for a reason and some things may not be revealed through a psychic reading session.

I have dedicated my life to help people around the World with my psychic spiritual gifts, however I will never impose my personal beliefs with spirituality on others. I am a Christian and know that these gifts are from the divine. Therefore I do not practice or work with dark energies, black magic, voodoo, Santeria..Etc

I will spiritually guide you to your true path, helping you discover the truth about your loved ones, the true purpose of your relationship, if there is going to be a future or if it's time to move on... also if someone from the past will return.
Find out if you are with your Soulmate, Twin Flame, Twin Ray, Twin Soul, Karmic Flame, past life connection or when you will find and meet your Soulmate.

I give direct answers to what I see during a soulmate love reading. This is my style for speaking the truth and total honesty. I always ask my guides that I may help other with revealing and uncovering the truth. I NEVER sugar coat.
We are all Human, no one can predict anything at 100%. My readings are designed to help guide your path with direct answers.

I am firm believer in the laws of attraction and focusing on love & light energy is the key.
My mission in life is to make sure that my gift is a positive force in the World. I believe that along with my gifts & abilities, I will do my absolute best and be there for all who are in need of spiritual advice.

I use both Tarot & Oracle cards to allow and reveal messages along with my natural gifts 
I usually use Angel/Oracle cards during the reading. Spiritual tools can reveal messages from the angelic realm, giving new and better insight than regular tarot.  All Cards, either Tarot or Angel or Oracle are meant to reveal energy and speak to different souls at random times.  

Remember that our future is not set in stone. I pick up and see what may happen, while giving clarity to change the upcoming events and avoid obstacles. In addition with providing my readings about love and life situations, I can help with past lives, spiritual energy and our furry babies/friends, (I'm also a pet lover/owner).

During a Psychic Dream interpretation reading, I will first need to connect with your energy; for that, I use my psychic gifts and abilities to tune into the energies around you.
The messages during your psychic reading will help to hear another side to your situation, this can actually help with understand and making a better decision with your situation. 

I will tune into the root of what is happening through your dreams to see where things are heading on the current path. Connecting with the guides helps you make decisions and avoid obstacles along the way. 

What about Questions?

I encourage you to ask questions in your psychic reading; I will connect and always do my best to have an answer for your questions. Sometimes certain questions cannot be answered; we are revealed on what is meant to happen and when there is an option to change and prolong. I will help and give you insight about your life with soul guidance, to get clarity & peace on your soul journey. 
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