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I have answers for you that are based on ancient astrological timings and conditions provided by your Astrological information. I also conduct powerful remote viewing into your future to warn or advise you on fated events!
Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this as I have been using my clairvoyant, remote viewing and Sidereal/ Babylonian Astrological skills in the private sector for very powerful people these past 20 years. I enjoy the times I can provide this unique service on KEEN so if you find me consider yourself fortunate and favorite me because I only work on arranged appointments. If you want to see real changes in your Career, Love or needing to know the best time to start a business, date or even when to get married, I am here to provide these exact dates based on your information you provide me. (Provide in advance by writing and arranging a call so I don't waste your time calculating this whilst your on the phone) I have always enjoyed helping clients gain more success after success and I am here to give you a new perspective and a real astrological and psychic gift to alter the negative effects your life may be experiencing at the time of this reading. Many of us who practice astrology usually use what is called tropical astrology which is excellent for a general reading. However to get exact information and dates to actually change the destiny and course one is on, you must consult with a true Babylonian Astrologer, many of my teachers are Hungarian, Serbian and Russian astrologer teachers in this ancient technique. If your wanting a quick "Am I wasting my time" question to be answered, I can use my psychic and intuitive skills to provide you my opinion but if you want to know the best year, date and time to sign a contract or make a large purchase. This is where my specialty comes in to really help you. Let's make this an excellent New Year and start off on the correct footing by conducting actions on dates that matter, not blindly conduct actions on dates that can harm you. EXACT Dates matter...isn't it time for you to get your exact dates for Love, Career and Success? Thank you for your time, Angel...
Approach to Topics
I like to use exact information that a typical client provides to offer exact date and timeframes to help alter ones future. If you need to know the best dates for anything imaginable, I can offer this assistance easily to your now.
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