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The Answer Woman
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If you prefer, we can chat or schedule a call. Email 1 dream = $18 email answer. Blessed, Spiritual, Careful, Accurate & Serious. Provide vivid details about a curious/repetitive dream. I will respond asap within 24 hours.
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Dream Exploration
I am an old soul blessed with Spiritual gifts that have been passed down to me through at least 3 generations of women. I've studied dream symbolism for over 25 years, & accurately predicted via psychic experiences & dreams since childhood. I also have education in aspectual and relationship astrology. I have fantastically strong intuitive skills. I have been told numerous times my accuracy is amazing. (It's amazed me quite a few times, too) :)
Approach to Topics
Provide me vivid dream information, including colors and what is significantly memorable about a curious/repetitive dream. I'll give interpretation based on traditional symbolism, folklore and/or psychology, and add anything I may be sensing based upon the information you provide about your dream.

Keen recently updated things so that it shows the number of readings. This amount is not including any email, which is the majority of my history here, but I am making myself available more often for chats and calls because of this important change.

I prefer to do interpretations in writing. This provides you with an answer that has been thoroughly meditated upon & information you can easily review for a set price. On request, I will be glad to do live interpretations on a phone call and with calls, I also prefer to send you a more complete interpretation of your dream in writing. Ultimately, my role is to help you see your messages and I recognize the value of questions for making things clearer. If you'd like to talk, please send me a message when you want to call me and we can work out a time to figure out what is being communicated to you via your dream

Paying attention to be enlightened by our recent dreams is so very important.

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