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I have over 65 yrs. Experience tested accuracy:99.9 % I helped many through heartbreak money issues difficult family issues improve their personal unique situations over all mental spiritual Using Art of Feng Shui Sale$49.95
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Merry Meet ! Blessed be ! I have over 65 yrs. experience tested 99.9% accuracy . I hold several degrees. I have helped people in over 90 countries As a Child I spent a lot of my Time w/ my Aunt From Japan who taught us 1st hand secret keys & Knowledge of The Mastering the Arts Of Feng Shui. Using the Art of Feng Shui .Aura Cleansings & Chakra Cleaning does wonders for your situations and inter being allowing open honest lines of communications. Allowing more love & money to flow in through you into your environment. I am 3 rd generation naturally inherits all my gifts American Indian Shaman HerbaLists Natural Elements Maybe recommended Herbs are used in energy flowing magic Prayer /Chants .No Medical Advise shall be Given nor No Medical Diagnosis ! I work w/ or w/o tools. I give down to earth real practical advise no pie n sky wishy washy huffy puuy advise. I use + Affirmation s Spirits Guides Angels reading . This process is very easy for anyone to perform w/ my special gifts & talents to help you be a successfully happier person in all areas of your live PLS NOTE : NO MEDICAL ADVICE NOR MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS SHALL BE GIVEN . Your situations are unique ; you are 1 of a kind making u unique. I am here to help not harm .I hold A Dr. REV. DEGREE IN THEOLOGY ( SPIRITUAL NOT MEDICAL ) I am loving caring respectfully humbly appreciative grateful for all thing in life. I am here to share my gifts w/ any who needs them this is my true life's calling .I help you along your hard life's lessons & Life;s Journeys teach you where you are being blocked & how to remove these blocks in life. I help you turn lemons into lemonade ! With some advise you shall feel freer lighter happier receiving many blessing be able to receive the true Law of Attraction & Manifestation. Using The Art of Energies Flowing of Feng Shui removing & placement of correct objects declutter allowing Positive energies * using specific colors in correct areas of your living space using all the Earth Element Place in the correct position Using North South .East.West..areas of directions etc. unique on your time date of birth to help you No ?s is too small to ask or no question is too private to discuss or too large I here 4 you to help 1st u must help yourself by picking up the phone calling me with an open mind heart heeding my advice. I also specialize in spirits curses spell casting candle wax reading breaking curses . Merry Part for Now till We Merry Meet very soon. Blessed Be ! Limited Time Special Price $49.95
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Merry Meet ! Blessed Be! I am Angelique 7.I have over 65 yrs.experience, tested 99.9% accurate . I am very unusual unique in my approach: a good balance of being non judgemental loving caring funny down to earth real advise . I shall not tell you what you want to hear only the truth, be it good bad indifferent sad i stay with you through all your fears tears joys I very empathic intuitive I have many gifts & talents . I work w. w.o tools . !st you must be willing to help your self by picking up the phone calling me with an open mind open heart allowing me to help you help your self. No subject is too private or too large or too small for us together to overcome I here to help you with all your hard life's lessons help you see the light way path to your true Life's Journals .Merry Part ! Till We Merry Meet Again .Love light peace good fortune good wealth harmony in all areas of your life. Blessed be ! If u truly ready for a real positive change with an open mind open heart please help yourself by picking up the phone calling me so together you be able to enjoy all life has to offer you in all areas . Blessed Be! Merry Part ! I waiting to help you !
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