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Pearly Baker

346 readings since 2007
5 minutes for $1
Feng Shui Use the 5 elements to balance your space
Use the five elements Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire to improve and balance your living space! Learn what to avoid and what to utilize to get the most from all spaces in your home and work place.
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I have studied and used Feng Shui for two decades. I have helped people utilize the elements in their homes and other areas. You will see improvement very quickly.
I use energy also, which gives my process a unique spin from just traditional Feng
My Approach To Topics
Most work can be done with little investment, using basic principles and what you already own to work with.
Feng shui can also be very personal — you can apply it to the way you dress, look, and act.

If you have quick questions, that is great. If
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