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Amanda LifeofYourDreams

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10 minutes for $1.99
Psychic Medium & Angel Communicator
You have questions, and the spirit world has answers! I am clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairallient, and a medium. Let me help connect you to the other side to get the answers you need to live a better life!
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About Me
I've been spiritually gifted since I was a very young child and have memories of psychic ability since the age of three. Growing up in the Catholic church, I was taught to be ashamed and afraid of my gifts, and just recently I had to "come out of the
My Approach To Topics
I have the ability to pull information from the other side through my psychic skill set and use it to help you answer questions, fix problems, and get past financial blocks in your life. I'm here to serve you and do what it takes to help you know