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Archangel Sandalphon
Archangel Sandalphon
Clear Answers for Your Financial Future
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Are you struggling with money issues, and you're not sure where to turn? I offer clear, precise and accurate insights from a very high source, giving you the clarity you need.
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I have a background as a gifted empath and reader of people's energies. Once I connect with you I travel up into the higher realms and seek the guidance of the guide who is ready to help me with your situation. Do not be afraid if the news is not what you wanted to hear always. It could be you are being protected from a powerful and treacherous circumstance! Think of it as dodging a bullet. I am here to help, and have been helping people see their lives and their situations for a very long time. Let me help you too, and very often, there is more good news than you realize was possible!
Approach to Topics
My approach is to connect with you, listen to what you tell me about the particulars of the situation you're in, and then connect with that stream of information and project it out to the future to see what lies ahead. This prospective opportunity you have before you could go for or against you, right? Isn't better to get clearer insights from the higher realms, so that you can make the best decision possible, for a smooth and successful financial future?

I can connect with your energy in the higher realms. Combined with the frequency and the elements surrounding this particular opportunity you have, I can see where you and this opportunity intersect, and receive clear guidance on what the outcomes will be. I will always speak the truth of what I see, and not try to just tell you what I think you want to hear. I prefer long term clients who appreciate my insights.

Taking risk involves a lot courage of course, and so does knowing when not to take a risk. Once I know the details of your opportunities, I can then go into the higher realms and share with you what I see as the possibilities that can arise from making whatever choices are before you. The answers are usually very clear. Sometimes it's a matter of waiting. Sometimes it's a matter of really going for it. Sometimes, you may need to get more information before taking a leap.

Some people have a strong financial strain of positive energy running through them and there is very little that can go wrong for them. Still, if they take risks, they need to get as much information as possible about which is the one that will turn out the best for them. This is where I come in, and can guide you into making the right decision.

I have a great grasp of numbers, and future potentials.

I will also see when something may end up being a dead end and is a bad decision for you. You have to be ready to hear the truth, as that is the only thing I will deliver. I am doing this as a service, because I have a gift and want to use it to help others stay out of trouble, and also to do well financially. There's nothing wrong with making good money, and making good investments for yourself. It's very wise!

I also have a great deal of my own personal knowledge and expertise as well. Ultimately, you are always responsible for your own outcomes, however, I usually get a really clear sense of what is going to have a positive outcome, or not. It is very wise of you to choose to have a psychic help you. Most of the wisest and most successful individuals, when faced with having to make a tough decision and don't know what to do, have someone they consult with on a regular basis, that is in touch with their energy stream, and what potentials and pitfalls are in store for their future.

Do you have such a person in your life?

It's a very good idea. It could save you a lot of head-ache from things not working out, and it could also contribute a great deal to your financial future than if you didn't have a consultant who reaches the higher realms.

Are you looking at a particular opportunity and wondering if it's going to pan out? This is where I can help you.

Are you employed and thinking about a new job? Wondering if you should start your own business? Wondering if you can make a better salary if you go elsewhere? We'll explore the various avenues available to you.

Are you taking care of your mental mindset when it comes to money? If not, it won't matter what you choose to do, if you're very negative about money and finances, you will continue to get the same result. Clean up your mind! Clean up your act as well: that means get your money house in order! Do your books, pay your bills, watch your spending and don't try to live beyond your means.

Do well for your future.

I look forward to analyzing your particular situation.

My Best,

Archangel Sandalphon
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