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Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
Finances & Career 2023
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How you will be blessed financially in this New year 2023
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My knowledge of Astrology is helpful in looking at Career Opportunities coming and in what field. I can determine when you have promotions, if you are in a career in line with your Destiny or you need to move on. I also use Tarot to see growth in material blessings. I have 30 years experience in both mediums & am accurate. Astrology can determine down to months (even days) of life-changing events in MONEY & Career.
Approach to Topics
We will start with name & dob and I will look into your “natal transits” and run a progressive chart for you determining what your finances as well as work relationships look like.

Your chart can tell me how your efforts are viewed and if you have a future fit where you are.
All workplace dynamics can be viewed as well as any entrepreneurial ventures you might be considering.
We can get very specific using your chart as it can point specifically to what career you’re Destiny would have you fulfill, some people you work with could be Karmics from a previous life (this is what will help when dealing with many sorts of personalities (a job in itself). So I like to avail you of as much information during our call as possible, so you can go out and create a work-life situation which is edifying.
Your subconscious belief system determines the wealth you aquire and retain, I will help you learn to think differently about money and your worth, as they are interconnected closely. It is the law of attraction at play as you go out and earn what you feel you deserve, and manage what you have according to what you feel you deserve.

Jasmine ~

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