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Accurate information on your financial outlook, career, obtaining and managing wealth. Redefining What Is Possible.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Astrology - Western
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I have been psychic / empathic all of my life and use that talent to assist and counsel others. I am a third degree Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker, specializing in Healing, Empowerment and Manifestation. In addition to psychic readings, I offer energy attunements / spoken meditations over the phone for Healing, Manifestation and Empowerment upon request. I also offer Astrology readings.
Approach to Topics
Money is a serious matter. Let's get serious!

I will empower you.

Every problem has a solution and an end.

Every question has an answer.


Psychic Advisor On All Topics Possessing all Four Claires

Finance is one of my strong suits and I would be happy to focus on that for you. I have many clients whom I have guided through employment change, wealth growth, entrepreneurship, obtaining clients, negotiating and closing business deals. I am also an experienced Recruiter and Mortgage Banker.

I will provide you with accurate psychic information on your immediate and long term future financial outlook. It is my goal to empower you and move you passed financial concerns to financial security and growth.

Psychic ~ Healer ~ Empath ~ Spiritualist

I am an incredibly strong Intuitive, Empath, Telepath, and possess all four clairs: clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience. I use all of these gifts throughout your reading and interchangeably.

Empowerment ~ Financial Freedom ~ Building Wealth

"Lyrica has been extraordinary in her business insights from personnel to project decisions. Her invaluable help has helped me grow as a small business to the successful level that it is now and with her continuing help, will grow beyond my own comprehension. Thanks for all your help & look forward to a continuing & mutual relationship in both business & with my personal life." JL - 5/2013

I also specialize in issues of love and general life questions, am empathic and a Third Degree Reiki Practitioner / Energy Worker.

Psychic readings are to answer specific questions or give more detail and information for life situations. I can also help you to understand the emotions and motivations of others in your life.

Trust in yourself and the Universe.

Reiki attunements can be done over the phone for the purposes of Healing, Manifestation and Empowerment upon request.

I am generally available from 7am - 5pm, Eastern Time, 5 days a week. Weekends vary.

Email readings are available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you.

See my other categories for more 5 STAR ratings.

When I'm not available, please arrange a call back or schedule an appointment time.

Much Love and Light To You, Lyrica
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