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A Vision of Truth
A Vision of Truth
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Why does this keep happening to me?! Is this the right path? I connect my clients with their soul to answer life’s biggest questions, and communicate how those answers apply to wherever they find themselves in their lives.
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Destiny/Life Path
General Readings
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Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
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Dream Interpretation
I I have over 6 years of experience using my intuition to help my clients with mental, emotional, and physical healing. I help them reconnect with the Light within themselves to get the answers they need to move through whatever they are going through.
Approach to Topics
Everything is energy and everything is Divinely connected.

I’m glad you came by...I can help!

Energy moves in patterns and cycles, in both big and small way, through our bodies, minds, and spirits to create what we experience as Life. I can see, hear, feel, and get a clear knowing of how energy moves, and has moved, over periods of time.

Let me help you get the answers you need.

For a quick, more cost efficient read, chat and call may be the best options. For a more in depth reading and soul exploration, I recommend a call, arranging a call time, or email.

I will pull an Oracle card to get us going.

During in depth readings, I hold space for my clients to shed light on, and see themselves and what’s going on in their lives from a different angle. I help my clients move through energetic cycles, patterns and habits that leave them feeling confused, frustrated, sabotaged, stuck, or ready to give up. While I am extremely compassionate, I also have the ability to be direct enough to make you aware of information and patterns blocking you from your desire(s) that needs to be acknowledged, redirected, or just simply let go of (cleared) to get you to the clarity and answers you seek.

Money, relationships, career, support... I listen, ask questions based on the energy I pick up on to see how your energy moves around the topic of discussion, and will then take you deeper into your Being for the answers to your life’s biggest questions. I hold space for my clients to feel lighter and more secure in their past experiences and empowered in the present with insight into how to move them forward into the future they desire in ways that feel right for them. I am responsive and available via call, chat, and email. I’m excited to chat and begin working with you!

Many Blessings!!

NOTE: Oracle Card readings and Tarot Card readings have their differences. I love Tarot, but it’s also not my gift. Through my personal journey I have found that even when you have the most specific of ‘answers’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that that information gives you what you need to move forward in the face of the new awareness you now hold…which is where making sure you are working with a good Tarot reader is important! In using my gifts, I prefer Oracle cards because they allow me to still see a specific outcome, however I also have more clarity in discerning how best to deliver my message to empower my client toward being the master of their own destiny.
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