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Angel Lines
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From Joyce client since 2006 " Best on Keen. Professional and direct. Always on point and great insights.Highly recommend you give her a call for a straightforward reading.
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I was born with psychic abilities and only really "felt" my way through life until I found my niche. My professional work with Spirit began with my mentor, Dr. Susie Kipper, in 1987. It was she who first showed me the mystical and seemingly magical wonders of helping others through Spirit. With this new understanding of the spiritual world, my talent grew very quickly. I learned to develop all five of my earthly senses to receive messages from my angel guides over the course of a mere three months. I have long since fine tuned my gifts over the course of a 33 year career as a spiritual advisor. My humble beginnings have gone from doing readings at psychic fairs in the streets of my hometown to becoming a world renowned psychic advisor with the advent of internet psychic phone lines. I bounced from company to company until I found my perfect match with Keen. Thus I am able to use my gifts to help YOU!
Approach to Topics
I have learned to become concise, direct and to the point over the many years I have assisted others in this profession, a skill that allows me to save you precious time and money in this busy and cash strapped world. The angels give me as much information as is needed for you to know at this point in time for your specific question or questions. Because of this, some readings may not give you what you WANT to hear but they will give you what you NEED to hear at the moment. Remember if you have had a vague reading or one that doesn't feel complete that a generic question will often get a generic answer. For example, if you ask "will I get married" your answer will most likely be "Yes, in time" and that's all you will get. However, if you ask "am I more likely to have a relationship with Bob or Joe?" then I can give you a more specific answer. There is a give and take with your angels and mine. Please do not ask vague generic questions and expect sharp intuitive answers. Have your questions ready, specific and to the point as it goes along way to improve the your reading. I do not give the same readings across the board. Each situation is unique and no two readings, even for the same person, are the same. Remember that individual free will and decisions can change the outcome of a situation. Spirit can only tell me what is set to happen on a current path, but it is subject to change based on factors that change the direction of the situation.
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