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Angelbaby of Light
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I am a true psychic who will answer Any and all of your questions Quickly and detailed! with clarity and compassion! I will guide you and set you in the right direction Today!! Truth will set you free! call me today!
I i am a 3rd generation intuition, empath and genuine psychic! I realized as a very young child.. that i had the gifts of my dad and grandmother! I receive my information through my 3 spirit guides, and also through clear pictures, and a special signal that comes through strongly AND even a feeling for each different event or actual emotion that may be happening to the person your asking about!! I also get my answers quickly and I am more than 99 percent accurate with my readings! I couldn't believe it when i was young and i could do this... I have also honed and meditated to work my craft into the specialty that it is today SO i can give you the best reading possible for your money. My main objective is to help you and bring you a semblence of peace when you call. MY father who was the most influential person of my life.. was someone who I really took after and he was a Great psychic and was born the 7th son of the seven sons and had special gifts and I was fortunate enough to take after him in nearly every way. AND my grandmother? she could tell about a person when she heard their footsteps coming to the door.. I also am lucky enough to receive many of HER gifts as well.
MY special intuition includes the best of BOTH of them.. I am clairvoyant, clairsensient, emptathic, Psychic, remote viewer and MOST of all? i can answer your questions usually within seconds.. and with honesty and compassion and I always try to give Many details with my readings NOT just a YES or no to your questions.. I also always try to add the human touch and the positivity needed for you to end off our conversation on a high note so you will be moving forward in the right direction... NOW i also have been through nearly everything in my life.. so I understand what you are going through!! I have had severe illness, heartbreak and experienced many deaths and problems.. SO i am also one of YOU!! and i feel i can better help because of it and that lends the compassionate part. Plus i was raised around alot of love but also around alot of different influences.. My grandmother, my aunt and my parents.. THEY were all psychic.
Please allow me and it is my pleasure to help you!! and help set you on the right path.. COME find me! I am ready to be of service!!
Approach to Topics
I basically can answer questions incredibly quick because I get my answers through my 3 spirit guides AND i also hear them, see them through pictures and feel as confirmation what the emotions are of the person or situation you ask about.. It is like a triple check system AND i have been doing my readings like this since i was a little girl.. When i first realized i had these gifts!!
I will do the best i can for you.. and MY accuracy is more than 99 percent.. I also can give you incredible details and facts that come through as we are speaking... If you can allow for at least 5 minutes? i can normally pick up even more! AND i promise to always deliver my readings with positivity and light. I also can read cards and use a pendulum if you prefer. I have a special quiet room where i meditate and do all my readings and I can even light candles for you and meditate on your energy too If you would like.. MY approach is to give you the best readings possible using my special gifts and by setting you in the right direction and helping you to your complete satisfaction Always and with honesty, clarity and most of all truth and compassion.. I will never make you feel Weird either.. YOU can ask anything you want.. I am open to all questions and I don't discriminate.. I welcome all callers of all religions, nationalities, race, creed or sexual orientation... I can help everyone!! Welcome.
AND remember Weird is good! It means you are different and that can make you special and gifted too!! So if someone calls you weird? Say thank you very much...and it is a confirmation that you are loved and special..
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