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*A KEEN, Premiere, Elite Psychic Expert* A Real Psychic Medium. Phenomenal, Scientifically proven abilities. Sarah sees what others cannot! Real Answers you can Trust! You'll find no gimmick here, she's the Real deal.
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Sarah Bina is a KEEN Premier, Elite Psychic Expert, born with her abilities. Known for her abilities, accuracy and honesty under the Global Name ASTROSarah. Sarah's abilities allow for her to tap in QUICK and you can gain insight into your question within the 1st few seconds after asking. She is a RARE find who also has scientific PROOF of her abilities documented by Neurologists, Endocrinologists and Specialists from the United states and abroad. Sarah hears spirit speak and has proven it on LIVE Radio "Keeping it Real with ASTROSarah" and Television! Sarah's "Sixth Sense" and "Prediction Ability" were acknowledged by her family when she was only 3 years old. Since the age of 5, Sarah has used her abilities to accurately predict events in the lives of others and make contact with spirits, entities and energy. She has over 45 years of experience with her Psychic and healing abilities. Sarah's abilities were also recognized scientifically during the loss of her daughter by medical professionals at Akron Children's Hospital when it was found that there was no scientific reason for her daughter to be alive other than her psychic mother willing her to be so. She is known to be a Real Psychic who can use her abilities to see the future and offer healing. There is a reason why over 90% of Sarah's sessions are with repeat callers. Sarah has one goal when reading for you, reveal the truth so that you can make an informed decision!

Her accuracy, integrity and true concern for those who reach out to her has also garnered her a private, easy to remember extension for you to reach out and get the help you desire and need. 1-800-ASK-KEEN EXT 72724 Her extension is her name (SARAH)

The name ASTROSarah has become synonymous with Real Psychic Ability and she has been showcased on Live Keen Radio, TV and Keen Facebook Live! When you have nothing to hide you hide nothing at all. For nearly 4 decades Sarah has been using her abilities and nearly 2 decades showcasing her abilities over the internet, in person, traveling the United States and abroad. Giving you Peace of Mind through the truth is her goal in each session.

Sarah is one of Keens Top Expert Psychics with proven abilities and a lifetime of experience. Sarah will capture the insight and answers you need to help guide you towards peace and balance. A lot of people ask "When" something will happen, and as a real psychic Sarah will tell you that timing is not relevant, it is up to you and in your control. She will help you move through your concerns by answering your questions with direct answers.

Everyone has different needs when asking for Psychic help. Sarah has the soul of a Humanitarian. She is nurturing, loving and compassionate. Her lifelong work as an advocate to prove "Second Sight" exists has drawn global attention and garnered her the name ASTROSarah. As a seasoned Paranormal investigator she can also assist you with questions regarding Paranormal activity.

She is known for being an Authentic Psychic. Honest, sincere and accurate, Sarah has a wide variety of clientele who have comfortably reached out to her for Psychic readings, Paranormal assistance, UFO's and ET experiences privately through Keen and on Live Radio that include Celebrities, Authors and Families dealing with personal tragedies publicized through the media such as CNN and People Magazine. You'll find no gimmick here, Sarah is a Real Psychic.
Approach to Topics
Sarah taps in quickly and within seconds she begins to give you the information and messages she is receiving. ASTROSarah is very caring and supportive, with a down to earth, direct approach. Sarah will not tell you what you want to hear, unless it is the truth. She is honest and ethical and believes the truth is important. Remember, she taps into YOUR energy, so be honest! Sarah types FAST, so if you choose chat you'll have no issue with getting your answers as quickly as you do over the phone ;) She will tap into your energy and the energy surrounding your questions immediately and answer your questions directly. Sarah does not sugar coat her answers. She casts no judgement because she believes that everyone's path to a higher power is unique. Sarah's work is based on her belief in God.

Sarah can also assist you to recognize, tap into and develop your own dormant abilities.

Listen to Sarah give LIVE readings on Keen Radio. Visit https://www.keen.com/radio to listen to archived events where Sarah shares her abilities and allows for you to listen in, to hear what a reading with her is like.

"I think its important to allow others to hear me use my abilities, to hear my approach, how I am with people in general. Seeing a biography about who I am is one thing but, being able to hear my voice, listen to me conduct a reading with someone I've never spoken to before, I think that is important. I am one of the rare few individuals today who has proof that she's Psychic, medical and scientific proof. I'm also very honest. I don't need to draw you back in to call me. The best way to do what I do is to be honest, that garners more respect and a long term professional connection. Most people are looking for help to understand what someone is feeling/thinking, what is going to happen, is something going to happen soon etcetera. The answer is NOT always that cut and dry. I also believe that hearing someone elses reading can be helpful if you happen to be experiencing something similar. I want people to know that I'm just like everyone else, with a twist, I'm a Real Psychic who actively uses her abilities at work every day and I encourage others to trust themselves also, trust your gut!" ~ ASTROSarah (Sarah Bina)

Click the heart on her Keen Photo and add ASTROSarah to your Keen Favorites list then check this listing often as we have some exciting new opportunities and upcoming events for readings that we're sure you won't want to miss!

ASTROSarah accepts arranged calls when she is not immediately available.

To obtain a Live Psychic Reading with Sarah Call 1-800-ASK-KEEN Extension# SARAH (72724) She has a private, easy to remember extension.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Accurate · 85
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