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Bella Love Psychic Medium
Bella Love Psychic Medium
Love Psychic Medium
10 minutes for $1.99
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Gifted 3rd generation ‘Lightworker’ Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Healer. I am a gifted reader who focuses on the energy around others while transcribing messages from the other side to provide clarity.
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Hi my name is Bella Love (Angelina)...No judgement Psychic/Medium Spiritual Advisor. Are you feeling confused? Lost? Hurt? Scared? Anxious or just simply curious about the journey or your individual destiny path. I think at one point in life we all do and it is ok to have questions with regards to what option or path you should take. I do believe i must have been blessed with this gift since i was just a little girl as my intuition was always very strong. One day upon being curious enough I felt drawn to start reading tarot cards at the age of 15. I started allowing my amazing ability that comes from within to blossom by doing hours of meditations and listening to my chakras open up. After years of focusing on my energy, and centering my inner voice it got stronger as well as the messages. I was able to really focus on picking up specific messages that our loved ones who have passed on have for many of us. I was also able to obtain the ability to quietly focus on listening to my inner voice where the messages served to provide so much comfort and healing for thousands... I am able to see things in a much different yet more profound, beautiful way. I do believe that my inside voice has been my spirit guides walking next to me to assist me to guiding others with providing clarity along with insight to many with regards to their concerns. I have been able to assist many by simply tuning into their energy and eliminating any feeling of uncertainty that can surface and shift us off our destiny path. I do feel i have a purpose and have been placed on this amazing journey to comfort the souls of many who may be struggling and feeling lost. If you are feeling uncertain or lost which we all have at many points in our existence please allow me to help you in finding your way back onto your path walking towards your destination. I am a firm believer that regardless of what the current situation may be it does not have to determine your final destination unless YOU allow it.
Remember you are never alone as we all go through tragedy in our life, and i promise you no one is alone here... so it is my job to show you how to turn that tragedy into your triumph. Blessings to you all... sending positive vibes to you all.
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I have been placed here to provide others with the guidance as well as strength along with much needed support that they may need to move forward in life... I work side by side with 4 amazing spirit guides, my late fiancé, my grandmother as well as my great grandfather and my brother guiding me and sending me clear messages for all with regards to matters of the heart, spiritual connections, achieving spiritual growth, mediumship, dream analysis, financial matters as well finding one’s life purpose. I am able to provide comforting insight along with much needed clarity to people on a daily basis... I also use tarot cards as one of my tools alongside my strong intuition. Trust in what I say for i speak messages from angels.
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