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Camilla Rose

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450 readings since 2016
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Angelic Camilla the Earth Angel
Have you ever wished you could talk to real angel? Angelic Camilla is an angel full of love and joy. She is divinely connected to spirit and will listen compassionately to you. She will lovingly help you understand and help y
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I have always felt a tremendous compassion for those who suffer. It all began when I was a child I need hurt me tremendously to watch sports such as hunting or to watch people suffer from hunger on television. As a child it would often bring me to
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
Using my special gifts I am able to understand suffering and pain. I am a clairsentient who has a tremendous capacity to feel exactly the way you do. I can then see your solution so I can soothe you. Release the pain and bring you peace.