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1,275 readings since 2008
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5th Generation Psychic Channel/Tarot Master/
Strong connection with her Native American heritage of Cherokee & Choctaw. Clairvoyant, remote viewer, and channel. Tested for her abilities and found Extremely gifted psychic! Weekly Radio Show!
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About Me
About Me
I come from a long line of readers, and healers-Fifth generation psychic medium and Reiki master! I grew up with the craft and my readings are direct and to the point! I surely don't want to waist your time and I am not here to sugar coat
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I am very direct and straight to the point, and I am here to truly tell you what I see and sometimes, it's the good the bad and the ugly! The truth will set you free, stop waiting for them to hopefully call you! Date the person you don't have to