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Davina Dalton

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Readings about life, spirituality, and self.
The most fulfilling use of my abilities is working with those who have questions about their life or spiritual path and want a deeper understanding of where they are, where they’re heading, and how to help it come together.
My Attributes
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Destiny & Life Path
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About Me
As a child I had many psychic gifts that I eventually pushed away out of fear. Fast forward to adulthood; I went through a traumatic experience that completely broke me down and I was able to build myself back up and become the person I wanted to be.
My Approach To Topics
First and foremost, I will tell you immediately if I’m not going to have an answer for you; I don’t believe in trying to force it and you shouldn’t pay for a reading that isn’t authentic.
I channel automatic writing, empathetic connection, and card