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Life Choices, Relationships, Education, Career
Sound guidance using spiritual laws and biblical principles. I am a gifted seer and truth speaker. My desire is to help you unravel, understand, and make important life choices.
About Me
About Me
I was born with a gift of "knowing". I have a lifetime of supernatural events that continue to occur on a daily basis. I easily recognize the truth as I have a gift of discernment. I do not take credit for this at all. It is 100 percent God. I spend
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I use no tools. There are no cards, crystals, etc. I use my God-given empathic clairvoyant gift. It is just me and The Most High God.

I am a spiritual warrior and have the gift of prayer. If you have a "hopeless" situation, I am a vehicle to