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Honest Psychic Katherine
Honest Psychic Katherine
Your #1 intuitive tea. Love/career/2023 Forecasts.
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Find relief in knowing. I create a sacred space for you to take off your armour. No judgments, no falsehoods. Timelines, detail + real outcomes. You have many paths to choose. Let's find the most ideal for the life you want.
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"Katherine shows compassion and clarity and I have trusted her for years. She prepares me for what's ahead, whose coming and who needs to go." - User93425

Have you ever...
- Been confused about how much to push and how much to lean back
and receive?
- Felt exhausted from taking care of everyone else instead of yourself?
- Done everything “right” and still “lost”?
- Gotten something only after you stopped wanting it?
- Had an intuitive hunch, but didn’t trust it- then realized later it would have led to success?
- Felt stuck or unworthy of the life you’d love to have?

My purpose is simple:
To help you find power, stop doubting, find your footing and start living.
As a certified intuitive, medium, and clairvoyant, I’ve been providing professional, honest readings for 30+ years with thousands of loyal, thriving clients.
This is a judgment free circle and I am honored to help guide you.

I also work as a spiritual life coach and intuition teacher. Would you like to learn how to talk to your guides, become more intuitive and manifest like a boss? I'm here!
Approach to Topics
Call for the truth, not fairytales. Lies keep people on a lower level.
I believe we are the masters of our destiny.
Are you ready to lean into your power? Or at least have a peek?

"You nailed him. My marriage is easier to navigate and he noticed my energy is lighter! I got a plan now!" - Yoshi32

I connect with your energy, as well as loved ones and spirit guides. All I need is an open soul. If your guard is up, your energy is asking me to stay away, so please come when ready for an intuitive reality check. I don't do general readings, I need specific questions to direct the energy.

I specialize in helping people with many struggles, listed below, my goal is helping guide them to success stories, including:

• An undefined and unstable relationship.
• A debilitating breakup.
• Dragged-out divorce.
• Confusing career trouble.
• Fluctuating financial concerns.
• Feeling overwhelmed, conflicted, and lost in life.

You deserve to know how people feel, their motives and what they offer you. I deliver a clear vision of past, present and future events to give you clarity for wellbeing and peace of mind.

You have more control than you can even imagine.
It’s time to take charge of your life and be the creator of YOUR future.
As soon as you open your mind and rewire your frame of reference, your life will change and for the better.

User20063740 - 5 star
I know many psychics and get frequent readings, its a problem. With that said, i never spoke to, or had a reading so precise, to the point and accurate as Katherine. Even if you feel the her per minute charge is too much, trust me, she’s worth it. Doesnt beat around the bush and you dont have to give her a ton of information, she’s just that gifted.

AnimaBella - 5 star
Highly recommended!! By far the best on Keen 🧡 she’s very detailed and straight to the point. I’ve had a few readings and every time she touches on topics with little to no information at all so i knew from day one SHE IS THE REAL DEAL ✨ it’s affordable and so worth it ! Everything that she has told me is 100% facts and some things have already come to pass ... THANK U SO MUCH ☺️

User48400878 - 5 star
Great reader! Always very honest and easy to talk to! Tells you how it is and what you need to hear not just what you want too and still comes across very smooth so you understand what you are hearing. The only one I will call again!

User42779524 - 5 star
Today I had a reading with Katherine for the first time, I came to the reading with a lot of sadness in my heart. I left the reading with my spirts lifted!! She was honest but super sweet and kind!! Thank you!! I will be returning for a second reading soon!!

User526565 - 5 star
Wow!!! Totally speechless!!! She knew everything!!!! I didn’t even have to bring it up and she already knew what was bothering me!!! I felt so much better afterwards and I am so happier and feel such relief. I’m beyond grateful !!! 💕
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  • Honest · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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