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Do you feel a strong intense connection and longing for someone and it will not go away, and it is leaving you confused and not sure which way to turn? Do you feel that you have met the One? Call Me!
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Skills & Methods
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I am ceritfied by the American association of psychics and I was born a Medium....here is a little about me....When I was 7 I had a near death drowning experience. My sisters and I had been skating when I fell through the ice. My father saved me from that lake. I had experienced the most beautiful white light and I did not want to come back. But there was a reason I was rescued . God had a plan for me.

India beckoned to me....Called to my Spirit...I was drawn by some mystical force.

And so I studied at the Yoga institute in Bombay for several years. My Master was an ascended Yogi and Spiritual Leader.
My Natural Affinity with Soul Mates and Twin Flames was awakened. I knew I had found my Purpose.

I became an ordained Minister, Past Life Regression Hypno Therapist and went on to be Certified by the American Association of Psychics. My gifts include the following. ~Twin Flame /Soulmate Medium ~Dream Interpretation ~Remote Viewing~Clairvoyant~Clairsentient ~ Past life Regression Therapist ~Chakra Balancing, EFT and The Paranormal.

Spirit has chosen me to use my abilities to instantly recognize Twin Flames and Soulmates. I understand the difficulties of these intense and challenging relationships. I can help you move forward with your Twin so that you can live in Bliss and Harmony as you are Destined.
Approach to Topics
I specialize In Twin flames ,Soul Mates, Career Paths and Personal growth . I find I am working more and more with clients that have reunited with their Twin Flame and find themselves in the separation phase. I am able to tell you if your current love interest is your Twin Flame or if it is one of your Soul Mates. We cannot reunite with our Twin while we still have lessons to finish with Soul Mates.

I have been doing psychic readings for most of my life. My Accuracy rate is over 99% and I Excel at the Timing of Events. We are all born with special gifts and abilities to help empower, encourage, and inspire others . I feel very blessed to have the ability to see the Future for others and help explore the best possible path for your soul
growth .

I focus on your current situation and see the Outcome.. Some things are destined while other potentials are changeable. I am able to guide you to your best outcome as well as tell you what is destined and what you are able to alter and change . My reading will feel “right” according to your own intuition. A very easy indicator of whether a reader is truly connecting to you is how it feels within your own heart.

I will always be honest with with what I am receiving from Spirit . I do not tell you what you want to hear but rather I am guided to Give you Clarity with your situations. I strive to always conduct my psychic readings with integrity and compassion.
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